Eaten TV from partly Eaten Apple Part -1 Great Branding

As more people involve and Enjoy a Brand. what is the best way to depict that?
Look at this Logo from Apple
apple logoEaten Apple is like Every one owns an Apple and has Eaten a piece of it.
More of it yet to come. you can see only 10% is eaten 90% yet not Eaten.
So you have Experienced only 10% of apple the 90% is yet to come in pipeline.
This is my interpretation But its very strong relationship with Customer that you can own a apple and Eat it too.
See Bill Gates and Steve jobs debate where Steve says that “Most changes are going to happen in post-PC devices with clean slate lot of temptation to do it from scratch”.

But Now we are moving into space where OS may become be irrelevant lots of changes are happening and I cannot disclose now. Where people can bring their own Device OS under BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and plug it to work (in any of flavour they want Yet These OS needs to share same workspace edit , change ,save , run independent of OS or co-operating OS) Or as present we see On Cloud like with a copy of desktop multiple OS running under hyper-visor.
MAny of these things are already there even at server level with vmware V Sphere V-motion Technology Dynamic image migration Thus a memory constraint Server can run program in either Windows or Linux on fly using VSphere and decide to migrate job to any favour which is available to process request.
V-Motion can be Evoked by API Read this published in 2012

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