International Education: My Experience (Unbiased) Part-1

1. Many of the problems which I faced here are influenced by 2 sets of people
one of the set was Indian politicians promoted students and there circulated rumours.
other were Set of Pakistanis+others (of course there were some Pakistanis which were helpful also). I do not know what interest Pakistanis had in me. Then there are Indian student who colluded with Pakistanis (for money reason as they are working under them). EVEN now I do not have negative perception of them because its just lack of right information for some of them.
The people who carry information to them create all problem by cooking up issue and window dressing.

2. Problems which I faced were not only in University But Also outside , planted people inside hostels. (two times in hostel I even called up Police). Under this disturbing situations Can you really concentrate Especially when you are in new country.
4 months I did not attended classes and just directly went to Exam not know what is taught..(Actually nothing of which was also useful to me). Even my request to recheck Exam paper was not granted.
But I was granted medical for not attending Exam due to ill-health.

3. Not to say Anyone can be influenced by Money that is my learning here.
So I could not get even part time work here for living Expenses. I tried many times but response many times on face shocked me. So I stopped.

4. Second of My learning is Why Student from India needs to come here? We need to create good Education Atmosphere back in India itself. Surely these lessons even those politicians Must have learned who studied here But they never created required universities in India only IIT/IIM are institute. Amount 22 Lakh if I would have spent there. I would be in much better position now. especially when I take nothing new was learned. Can Stale food give good health? Even to local student population same issue.
Which they might or might not understand? its not my business. I have every right to write what I faced giving fees and money.

5. I understood that As international student you are always in dis-advantageous position. because Even After spending 1 year I do not know much about this country ,customs and law etc. locally.

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