e-WiLL needed but no evil needed …

You see Everything is moving to (e)  Just like mail to e-mail, governance to e-governance.
The IT is affecting Everything traditional industry to taken over by internet driven industry.
So its willingness of Government to take risk and make e-systems available to general public. Use of internet has if used effectively as medium increases the GDP by 0.5 percentage point.
1. Physical Book store taken over by Amazon online system.
Read: Case discussion https://sandyclassic.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/groupon-on-top-5-along-with-facebooklinkedin-can-rediff-deals-do-the-same-in-india/
2. Trading floor have to give there high frequency trading to Algorithmic trading platforms.
3. Customer facing system are Aided by CRM, and IVR integrated voice response.
Physical Phone are taken over by Soft Phones. Why SIP is HOT? precisely same reason of integrating old Phone with soft phone.
READ: https://sandyclassic.wordpress.com/2011/10/10/why-sip-is-most-hot-technology-in-telecom/
Universities Course would soon Move to towards On-line University.
4. Similar to Book store, Retail Store are moving towards online Stores like
READ: https://sandyclassic.wordpress.com/2013/10/26/retail-sector-innovations/
What I mean By E-WiLL?
Like e-Governance It is the faith on systems and proper utilisation of them also as filtering medium to get to root cause. The New Career emerging in data Science in form of Data Scientist reflect this WiLL and faith of IT powerhouse to wade to haze of data to carve out trends from it. The Mathematical Models which we build depends on the fundamental bias with which Model was created. There is always possibility to create Model the way we want but It should reflect to practical test of system.
For Example 2% population coming to meet CM of some state with 200 million population like indian state of UP would take 175 yrs 20 hrs a day of work.
But if you have faith on system e-WiLL then you can always install and build system CRM with open source systems for people to send there problems on line to system which can then filter to the respective department without spending thousand rupees to to capital and wait for meeting Chief minister elected representative (submitting them your problem Manually).
Workflow: Go Online-> select the category Like water problem, tax, house , sanitation etc and submit application to CM. The workflow automatically redirects it to relevant officers without people need to travel those distance and wasting there time on meeting grounds rather just point click submit. So e-WiLL is important.
The Fish called corruption also tamed in nets of e-Will thus taming Evil. We have seen in history that Even in Mythological Stories Like there was a Evil who had some power which was gifted to him or her. There also it was very difficult to comprehend Those powers.
Like Ravan Son Megnath coud fight invisibly by creating mirage of images thus to confuse which is real image.
Now to Comprehend where the problem Exists it root cause of Corruption which gives it breeding ground. I can give here many Examples like Euro crisis or Coal Allocation. The Comprehension did not existed when those systems were signed about possible problem which led to people taking advantage of it.
So To Comprehend we need to analyse data but if there no e-Will there is no e-Data. This data is very important to begin Analysis of data using system like Bigdata to get understanding of where problem Exist. Its like continuous Audit rather than yearly Audit.
You can check your self rather than dependent on third party. Can do Exception Reporting.
Make data and Analysis publically available to make people realize that Government is doing the work of common Man.
Data Can be Gathered for governance
Data as in reports in graph and geographic reporting. Almost every 1 meter of Earth data is already present in GIS system. That’s arelay used to create models for things like pipeline. If suppose no drawing Exist then the Organisation which did work on the project would surely have GIS model of area. Those organisation can supply the drawing in no time.
For vigilance or checking Exception nothing i better than computerised system rather than trusting dishonest officer. So Evil can be tame by e-WiLL.
Technology I call it Takna-O-Logy. Takna in Punjabi means Knee. There is saying in Hindi when somebody commits a mistake that people say
“Dimag Ghutne mein hai kya?” mean Is your Mind in Knee instead being in Head.
That means Mind has gone to such lower level that its in Knee(Techna in Punjabi).
So I say Technology is Takna-o-logy Untill its super-seeded by another plane above the technology plan by human plane.(Human who take informed decision based on Technology otherwise its Tackna-o-logy (Tacknology).Mind Should control and create another level of informed decision making over whatever is presented by software.
Make a small Software Corporation Make E-governance Software will make work easy and well can be fuel by exchange can be used to export Governance Software and hence keep cost down and provide employment to people.

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