Shameful Nude Display of Power in 21st century – Janta Darbar

This has nothing against direct democracy or Aam Admi party but it is Logical to use better system. This article Has been written to put forward that Janata darbar is not viaable in 21st century.
Everyone rushing to CM. And CM saying some people are comming to congratualte..
This Business of Everyone Rushing to CM is like old Fudal system..
This is made to show up importance of single man so everyone comes to him. Is it practical is it engineering or mathematical mind…
Solution Does Exist in India: Where ? See Narendra Modi in gujarat people do not travel to CM then just send him mail. he does not know even there faces but there problems are taken into account and solved by automated System.

Who tries to make this system of people rushing to one man?
It is really projecting CM a powerful person while all junta powerless…

Which ever CM running janata darbar in this technology age is actually doing shame display of his power instead use technlogy to avoid un-convenience to general public.
They should avoid it Even Mahatma Gandhi advocated against it.
When he said is it really going to make big difference to common man. how many people can one CM meet in 365 days.
let say 100 people per day: 300 working days a year.
Year total : 300 X 100= 30,000 people.
Lets us say Each year 2% delhi population face this issue that can be resolved By CM only..
Then 2% or 3 crore is 6,00,000 which 5 times if CM meets 100 people per day.
Now if we take Example of UP then this ratio would be up for toss. instead 1:5 there it would be 1:35. That means Even if CM sits day and night whole 5 yrs..
Still there would be 35 times more people waiting for there problem to be resolved.
That is precisely why concept of management and administration came into being as manager or Adminsitrator cannot meet all of employee so he uses automated tools like variance analysis, Exception Reporting, Automated grievance redress al cells..
Are We saying we are going back to Ancient times Not used the knowlodge built up over ages. Also agreed When somebody said “We are standing on shoulders of Giants”.
Those who have made up those system. But if we do not where we stand?


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