Be truthful to Life. My Experience Last 1 year.

I had 2 choices before writing this article as I already has accepted what has happened as
my fate. But Whether I get job or Not Its my duty to write.
It was my duty to complete it. So is It was my duty to apply for graduate scheme like things but it left to people to decide and judge what is right and justfull. I had difficult choice if I go back I need to spend next 6-10 yrs working in India to get over this loan which I spent on This Educational trip here. That was trap the judgement that silently Student suckle up  would never speak since he/she would look out for job here for 1 year or may be more can get over his loan Early spent on Educational Charity.
Gandhi ji broke law of African and Indian should give five fingers like a prisoner but he choose to burn the copy of law as symbolic gesture.
Same way amount of discrimination international student goes through which I could experience by giving charity of 25,000 Euro this year on my education. It looks like what is the use of such degrees. It looks like if gandhi was there may be this age would have stood against discrimination what form of protest would he do? its like synanomus of Buring the hard Earned Degrees.
Where is Human Rights for Ordinary Indian?
Many times this year it happened that Almost 3 -4 days i would spend locked inside room not even once seen sunlight or fresh air due to atmosphere created but people enjoy it.

— Last 1 year trying continuously here to get Part time Employment but to no avail to cover up Living Expenses and heavy rent…but to no avail…
— Last 1 year I have been charged 3 times the rent charged in general student..
Now Rent and Education covered up 85% of my Expenses here… +travel its 92% cost.

— Went to Tesco asked many times about part time job I was told no job day I find new set of Pakistani employed there..I am left to wonder what is my Mistake.
After spending 25,000 Euro or 20 Lakh+ rupees…
Father Mother left to sell ancestral land for this Experience Here….
–Holled up , Isolated for 8 months, discriminated in marking system, Due to bully ended up not attending classes for 4 months directly going for Exam … despite paying 25,000 Euro Fees+Rent.
– What I over hear in University by professor? Guys now its done clean up everything..
– Professor to Career Cell at University “Guys No need to provide counselling to him”.
– I realized I am less informed when a girl commented you are trying to pass a Wall.
Now I realized its meaning after 1 year ..
i never would have thought this would be under such trap layed may be long back.. which people had prior knowledge but I was under impression truth sustains….
Not only bullying in University but it continued back at Hostel..Under this war like atmosphere how can you concentrate on studies? That was End Result planned.
– While doing final project administrator were put in background network to thwart Execution which incidently was complete 95% in August itself but due to not able to Execute and not enough admin right Execution part stretched three months.. upto November.. And I had to take shelter of mathematics at last moment..
When thesis was submitted I overheard statement by professor
“Now it done lets clean up everything”.
People say to me Enjoy your life you are in developed country..
If I do not say people will never understand what I am going through..
Damage is done on My Marksheet..
But I do look forward to future like a obedient slave.
Many times I try to counter feeling of leaving by talking to myself thinking more about common problem in India..Watching TV channels and try to engage myself in dialogue with it. Long time back I read in Psychology Self Talk is best medicine.. seen its use..
In letting me not implode.Its like living in isolated prison.
Despite with MS clearing 2 certification which no one in class dared due to overload for them and 10 Online courses Which actually helped to finish my final project also.
This thought of full time Education is now Killing for me Where I got everything from Online Education.  Learned Mathematical Modelling which came to my rescue to complete besides my old knowledge of Mathematics.
Who is responsible for this I do not know? What I can do is just move on and tell my story

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