Is the Ship of Thesis(University) Sinking?

If the knowledge is Sea. Then University can be called Ship. There are small Ship and Large vessels. What is core strength of ship called University (its main goal is knowledge collection and dissemination). Knowledge in University is capture in Research Papers and Thesis people submit. So University can be categorized Ship of Thesis.
Ship Vs Sheep(Mind you its not Sheep its Ship).
Sheep gets ready for slaughter houses after their Hairs are cut for wool. But ship ride on rough Waters. The Ship of Thesis should ride on rough waters of knowledge sea. Sheep are reared in farm and their intern-ship by giving hairs to Enterprise called Farm to create Woollen Industry.

This Enterprise (hairs=intern-ship)create Industry (woollen Industry = Industry).
As Ships go in sea find New Land soaked up in sea of knowledge.
Story of Ship
The propellers of ship are thesis. Every Thesis propels University to new knowledge Area. Which is synonymous of fact that Ships are Propelled by Single burst of Engine piston which drives the propeller. Each Single Burst is Thesis Which Propels (take to new knowledge area) the Propellers (Knowledge traversed or created).
Now Ships since ancient time try to Find new Lands for Expansion of mankind.
What is The Most important factor For ships to find new land ?
Traversing into New stream, new Area. Can New Area where ship is moving be tested before it enters there. The Logic is it first Enters and then Tests it. Called known Unknown in terms of Project management as its known that the area would be Unknown.
What about Unknown Unknown? This also area in Project management.
I will leave this Unknown Unknown to discussion later sometimes but here I am focusing only on Known Unknown.
Question #1 How will you say that this water territory Entered by Ship is Unknown?
Question #2 Does This Unknown territory really creates value for Ship? or just keep wandering Unknown?
Sheeps and Slaughter houses
This is about Ship what about Sheeps travelling inside Ship? Sheeps are at mercy of Woollen Industry ( Industry )and Slaughter houses (Head Hunters). But its all about capacity and demand. Hopefully everyone Understand Who is Head Hunter here we are calling slaughter Houses (with analogy No hard feelings)
Sheep Story: More Detail: Sheep and Shepherd.
Can Unknown be structured?  Can Everyone Access the ship? Ship is equally accessible to all potential traders want to send there goods to destination. Who are Traders (Parents or cost bearer of Education) in our analogy these are may be parents of students(Sheep).
For these Sheeps Who is shepherd? Shepherd Can take Sheep Anywhere he/she wants.
Anywhere means anywhere from best location in world to worst location in the world. Are All Shepherd Equally know places Well?
How do we know Which Shepherd is Wandering where? Is there any accountability to Location where Shepherd can wander?
Are you getting What I mean here?
About Ships again…
Ships are tracking Known Unknown in In uncharted waters. If Ships are not universal in sense democratic to merchants ferrying goods Can they Really succeed?
Definitely They would loose some market and hence make sheeps life miserable.
Now about The Assessment of The Burst(Thesis) which propels piston and hence ship.
Burst here means is the Actual Fuel.
The innovation in thesis to take it to new areas is the Quality of Fuel. If thesis is not innovative it will not take ship into new knowledge areas.
Now Where is Ship Sinking?
you will say its large so must be at location where Titanic Sank. But this is not true its tanking virtually. Are you with me? Can you give a wild guess where its sinking?
Can we Quantify the Quality of Knowledge ? Whose prerogative is this quantification?

Okay One more Hint: Why Titanic Sank?
Answer: Over confidence and then no Accountability. I would say Accountability was biggest contributor. Now Come back to Ship and Shepherd.
Can we question Shepherd Where is he wandering? Accountability?
How can we quantify the quality of thesis (fuel) will take Ship to uncharted territories ? Can we ? Its all relative to few people judgement in ship(you know theory of relativity).
– Another way of saying that if I am far from train then it velocity will look smaller to me compared to when I am near it.(Velocity is relative to where I am currently).

Knowledge is vast domain of sea.

Continued article its not Ending here…

Shameful Nude Display of Power in 21st century – Janta Darbar

This has nothing against direct democracy or Aam Admi party but it is Logical to use better system. This article Has been written to put forward that Janata darbar is not viaable in 21st century.
Everyone rushing to CM. And CM saying some people are comming to congratualte..
This Business of Everyone Rushing to CM is like old Fudal system..
This is made to show up importance of single man so everyone comes to him. Is it practical is it engineering or mathematical mind…
Solution Does Exist in India: Where ? See Narendra Modi in gujarat people do not travel to CM then just send him mail. he does not know even there faces but there problems are taken into account and solved by automated System.

Who tries to make this system of people rushing to one man?
It is really projecting CM a powerful person while all junta powerless…

Which ever CM running janata darbar in this technology age is actually doing shame display of his power instead use technlogy to avoid un-convenience to general public.
They should avoid it Even Mahatma Gandhi advocated against it.
When he said is it really going to make big difference to common man. how many people can one CM meet in 365 days.
let say 100 people per day: 300 working days a year.
Year total : 300 X 100= 30,000 people.
Lets us say Each year 2% delhi population face this issue that can be resolved By CM only..
Then 2% or 3 crore is 6,00,000 which 5 times if CM meets 100 people per day.
Now if we take Example of UP then this ratio would be up for toss. instead 1:5 there it would be 1:35. That means Even if CM sits day and night whole 5 yrs..
Still there would be 35 times more people waiting for there problem to be resolved.
That is precisely why concept of management and administration came into being as manager or Adminsitrator cannot meet all of employee so he uses automated tools like variance analysis, Exception Reporting, Automated grievance redress al cells..
Are We saying we are going back to Ancient times Not used the knowlodge built up over ages. Also agreed When somebody said “We are standing on shoulders of Giants”.
Those who have made up those system. But if we do not where we stand?

Be truthful to Life. My Experience Last 1 year.

I had 2 choices before writing this article as I already has accepted what has happened as
my fate. But Whether I get job or Not Its my duty to write.
It was my duty to complete it. So is It was my duty to apply for graduate scheme like things but it left to people to decide and judge what is right and justfull. I had difficult choice if I go back I need to spend next 6-10 yrs working in India to get over this loan which I spent on This Educational trip here. That was trap the judgement that silently Student suckle up  would never speak since he/she would look out for job here for 1 year or may be more can get over his loan Early spent on Educational Charity.
Gandhi ji broke law of African and Indian should give five fingers like a prisoner but he choose to burn the copy of law as symbolic gesture.
Same way amount of discrimination international student goes through which I could experience by giving charity of 25,000 Euro this year on my education. It looks like what is the use of such degrees. It looks like if gandhi was there may be this age would have stood against discrimination what form of protest would he do? its like synanomus of Buring the hard Earned Degrees.
Where is Human Rights for Ordinary Indian?
Many times this year it happened that Almost 3 -4 days i would spend locked inside room not even once seen sunlight or fresh air due to atmosphere created but people enjoy it.

— Last 1 year trying continuously here to get Part time Employment but to no avail to cover up Living Expenses and heavy rent…but to no avail…
— Last 1 year I have been charged 3 times the rent charged in general student..
Now Rent and Education covered up 85% of my Expenses here… +travel its 92% cost.

— Went to Tesco asked many times about part time job I was told no job day I find new set of Pakistani employed there..I am left to wonder what is my Mistake.
After spending 25,000 Euro or 20 Lakh+ rupees…
Father Mother left to sell ancestral land for this Experience Here….
–Holled up , Isolated for 8 months, discriminated in marking system, Due to bully ended up not attending classes for 4 months directly going for Exam … despite paying 25,000 Euro Fees+Rent.
– What I over hear in University by professor? Guys now its done clean up everything..
– Professor to Career Cell at University “Guys No need to provide counselling to him”.
– I realized I am less informed when a girl commented you are trying to pass a Wall.
Now I realized its meaning after 1 year ..
i never would have thought this would be under such trap layed may be long back.. which people had prior knowledge but I was under impression truth sustains….
Not only bullying in University but it continued back at Hostel..Under this war like atmosphere how can you concentrate on studies? That was End Result planned.
– While doing final project administrator were put in background network to thwart Execution which incidently was complete 95% in August itself but due to not able to Execute and not enough admin right Execution part stretched three months.. upto November.. And I had to take shelter of mathematics at last moment..
When thesis was submitted I overheard statement by professor
“Now it done lets clean up everything”.
People say to me Enjoy your life you are in developed country..
If I do not say people will never understand what I am going through..
Damage is done on My Marksheet..
But I do look forward to future like a obedient slave.
Many times I try to counter feeling of leaving by talking to myself thinking more about common problem in India..Watching TV channels and try to engage myself in dialogue with it. Long time back I read in Psychology Self Talk is best medicine.. seen its use..
In letting me not implode.Its like living in isolated prison.
Despite with MS clearing 2 certification which no one in class dared due to overload for them and 10 Online courses Which actually helped to finish my final project also.
This thought of full time Education is now Killing for me Where I got everything from Online Education.  Learned Mathematical Modelling which came to my rescue to complete besides my old knowledge of Mathematics.
Who is responsible for this I do not know? What I can do is just move on and tell my story