What Can Rajasthan Do for development?

Rajasthan has unique distinction in India which it can leverage to maximum Extent (its only desert Area in country) By this It could attract huge tourist from domestic and international
1. Tourism
– Adventure tourism: Desert Racing sports.
-High quality horse racing. camel racing.
-Village tourism (people trained for this in university can give tourist feel of life in villages)
Houses can be marked with basic amenity for tourist withot disturbing village life..Like stay in hut One day Experience with and indian food, camel milk etc…Lot of experiences can be developed.
– Fort Tourism: Some institution must be set up to research on these forts built with knowledge of trail and Error over a period of time. May Fort Research University.
Why I am saying this?
– Better method of Fort tourism and preservations.
– Some forts have facility like building architecture to keep inside cool Water conservation methods ..This is what we know but there are any Unknown which can be found.
2. Desert Technology Research Centre/University : Needs to Set up a specialized University related to Desert Related Problems of Throughout the World and their Technological Solutions. Cutting across Sciences, mathematics, economics, health etc…
Can Supply These technologies to Rest of Desert Areas of the world and make their life easy with huge manpower it has. It can supply these technologies to middle East, North Africa, May be Australia where ever desert Exist in world.(covering every aspect from technology , sociology, economics.)
Example: Desert Transport: It still unsolved problem.
Roads get filled with sand storms So new kind of low cost auto mobiles, Rail track Etc after research can be developed.
3. Solar Energy: Every Town and Village of state should be made self sufficient in Solar Energy , wind Energy. Solar parks using Even Concentration technologies if creates properly around state then it can supply Energy to Whole of India.
4. With Easy Availability of land in State should set up at least 2-3 private medial colleges in every district and Attract foreign Students. Low cost Medical/Engineering Education destination for rest of world. With Medical Education scarcity in India where Capitation fees to tune of  1 crore rupees or .2 million dollars are charged from student. With huge land availability in state it can really supply manpower to rest of india and world.
5. High value Cash crop:
In Mexico people make sweets from cactus. There are many variety of crop which are not grown In india still can be of high value can be identified and shown in state.
6. Animal Husbandry Research University: Research university should focus on High yielding speed horses for racing, racing camels, camel milk, desert goats and sheep etc..
If it start supplying horses to Every race course of the world. Camel for desert racing.
Huge potential for Goat milk Exports, Wool Exports, high quality Horses and Camel Export.
7. Traditional Folk Music: A University For Traditional Folk music. There are any types of instruments in state which are unique.Musicians End up learning and teaching music without a degree. A formal method setup By Music university to Give them degree in there area with Flexibility (mean they need to present in University as most of these are travelling and learning music with there parents of relative) Then This Music University can touch many frontiers on Music and Dance. University should have branches in many district (Where stage shows (on ticket basis) conducted daily can attract huge tourist in Each of these districts).
8.With Large Medical University in Every part of state, health parameters of Human development Index Automatically improve. Traditional medicine university complements are it can provide herbal medicine using household item cheaply to village population.
Desert herbs medicine research Export.
9. Sports: State Should focus energy on sports other than cricket which are not present in India like baseball, Athletics, basketball. With traditions of Rajasthan it can attract lot of funding from organisations willing to develop there sports in World largest democracy and one of top 5 Economies of world. Thus a win-win deal for those organisers.
setting up stadiums and facility for these anywhere in state would not be problem.