Tribal wisdom

AborigneeSometimes back I saw one Documentry about Aborigines in Australia disturbed at depleting level of underground water lake…One statement old tribal said changed my thinking He said
“you know what is difference between Modern world and tribal world and why world is suffering?
He answered his own question: Western Society is All about Now rather than long term. How much can we hoard up Now? what treasure and wealth can hoard up now.
( video go to 13:55 minute u can watch
you see olden times tribal used to pick fruit from trees as many as he required to he will keep it hanging for other people in future..same way for minerals under earth left for future generation but today..
Today’s Man wants to dig and pick everything out and make money leave nothing for future…”
Watch this Documentary:
Alternative Energy is Also very important for the world. I only like that part where man made this comments. Some part I agree Some I do not in movie.