The OWL in Semantic Web and Internet Of Things (IoT)

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SemanticWebOWLAndInternetOf Things
– Ontology  can be represented by OWL (Ontology Web Language) which is also refining and defining the agents used to search the personalized behavioural web for you(also called semantic web) Thus these agents understand you behaviour and help to find better recommendations and  search List in Semantic space.
– Semantic Web:
– Augmented Reality : is used in Gaming and multimedia application
(read Article link below)
Perceived Reality vs The augmented reality
Augmented reality is fuelled by ontology + perceived reality.
READ: How Augmented Reality transforming gamification of Software (like ERP)
– New age software development
ntology can integrate many task into a Uniform task which were not possible Early.

Read Discussion On Reality Vs Actuality on Wikki link of Ontology

This Is ongoing Article I going to complete the pieces with example and below topics
– CDI, Customer Data Integration (Single version of truth for a data Like
single person can be An Employee in Peoplesoft ERP, same person can be Customer in SAP CRM, Can be an represented in different way in  Oracle Financial. But when we develop reports on some parameters across functional areas then categorisation into a single entity can be achieved through CDI.
How this is linked to Ontology will explain further.
– MDM, Master data Management (Managing data (meta data)about data)
– Federated data management.
several Data Marts leading to a universal single data warehouse one design But in Data Federation the data from various data mart can be integrated virtually to create single view of Data from various disparate sources can also be used.
This relationship would be further expanded its not complete now..


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