Education Abroad: Planning Tips and Mistakes. Real Example

Inputs to Planning:  late 2011 july when i started planning study abroad. I had already many choices in Hand
#1. A job in India which I could join
#2. I was eligible for PR to Australia or Canada. considering my package was above the required limits and points required. Also I had US B1 visa valid upto 2016.
#3. Then I had another Choice to use this money to try create a small software company back In India.
Planning: Entering in New Country directly using Work Visa would be difficult to adjust in new culture would not right choice as per my thinking process so I thought of Enter new country study and understand the cultural differences directly instead using theoretical book reading or working where you will not get enough time to do that. On This premise My Study plan were crafted. Where Planning Process Went wrong? 1. Actual Reality/Practicality : Completely isolated despite trying sports, gym and other activity. – This was compounded by wrong information provided by consultant for gaining some money in Exchange from political party. –
Wrong Information : Average Experience of class student would be 5-7 yrs which turned out non of my batch mates had those. So there was a Gap in understanding. – Second information provided to me many big companies recruit from University directly even with Experienced background:
REALITY: I attended many interview came to know company looking for only fresh graduates who are just passed out not Experienced. So in Interview I was told: “Here we are given task to recruit only Trainees position.” Suggestion provided to me was ” Look offline /off-campus recruitment for Experienced position”.So I had to wait till course finished to attend interviews.
To Me this is Flawed Vision: Reason ” If we see How industry is changing today we realize within life span people are going to see multiple roles/career. Now if this is perceived reality than many Experienced people may be coming to learn something new also compounded by fact that technology is changes very fast” This does not mean people who are in Obsolete section of technology or industry would come for re-skilling (which is reality today) but also Some people trying to gain additional skill with break from stressed continuous Professional work. (despite enjoying there work each and every time). —————————————————————————————– 2. SYLLABUS OBSOLESCENCE : Second place where planning went wrong? Syllabus was more geared to bring people almost zero knowledge in programming to decent level. But then going deeper into subject was not possible. As tutor need to take every student into consideration many of them were first time programmer.
Example: C++ (which incidentally I used to teach in 2002) Ended at level of ADT. But missed – Templates, Data structure, Design and Analysis of Algorithm like space and time complexity analysis, design patterns (these were part of Masters back in India completed in 2002) Instead focus of project was new domain game programming. which is quite different from security focus. It was not fault of tutor since class make-up was such as most of class was starting from scratch was only choice to him and limited time constraints. So were absense of latest topics like cloud security, Virtualization security, malware, Risk Management, Security Project Management, data Mining for security etc.
3. This increasing disconnect which education requirement of Experienced Vs New graduates was clearer and clearer as course proceed. Also there is slag where course are set at start of year and during year many changes happen cannot be accommodated may be due cumbersome University procedure to update according to Industry Latest trends. This are all procedural issues may not be dependent on any individuals. Back during over college days we used Rate quality of courses by speed of there updation to latest in industry. e.g if there is no cloud computing topic in Syllabus then people do give a pass today for a very wage 10,000 foot level example.(limiting thoughts for space constraints) Also remembering important line for professional courses: GOAL OF PROFESSIONAL COURSE IS TO COVER ALL THE AREAS RELATED TO FOCUS AREA SO AS TO GIVE HOLISTIC TOP LEVEL VIEW OF SPECTRUM. – Comparing these words spread of course where not covering critical areas  (like cloud and virtualization security discussed above )and depth also lacking critical areas like C++ lacking data structures, Design and analysis of algorithm, complexity Analysis, templates, design patterns. (IT MAY BE DUE TO LIMITATION OF TRADITIONAL UNIVERSITY FORMAT OR MAY BE OTHER BUT THIS IS FACT).
Teaching Learning and Working on Outdated Technology perfect recipe to creating a crippling workforce. Its like destroying future of many young minds.
4. Visa delay = less time to prepare for exam.
Not Getting Visa in Time: Result 48 days late to 90 days session.
result 5X2 assignments each 2 days= 20 days, + 7 days adjustment in new environment
+7 days for collecting backlog notes (incidentally not got all)=34 days.
remaining 10 days for Exam 5 Exam
———means just 2 day to read everything give Each Exam——————–
5.  Project I had to choose from 2 topics given by professor: Once Topic is decided then project will depend on PHD thesis done by some Student under professor. project will extension to existing thesis work. Now here I have taken up Topic which was new not taught in Syllabus: Wireless Sensor Network WSN.
But there were some problem: House rental expired just 1 week before last date of submission. And post that period find new house with every house owner insisting 1 year lease period. It was difficult until find house in some friends house.
6. Did not bring laptop means compounded with late arrival university insisting find permanent accommodation within 2 days.
This meant Cannot search online. It was only second day not aware that library has browsing computers. Not able to find and internet store around village. Ended up in Suggested Accommodation and paying 830 Euro per month for 2 people shared room.
Late arrival also meant no time to find another house. Incidentally late visa is due to consultant submitting details late to embassy.
Later came to know average rent in New country is around 230 Euro per month for shared accommodation while I ended paying 830 per month. almost 4 times rent.906648_154771291350039_525276635_oCoincidently Extra: 2300-700=1600 Euro for 3 months would be enough to visit all around at least half of European continent.
on Top of this 650 euro security was not returned in any both accommodation.Non  of location shared Electricity or Gas bill details with me.
When I compare if I had to just understand culture and work ouside better was work visa and then visit all around Europe still I would have saved more than half of 25,000 Euro spent on MS.

#7 Social Profile: Social Network:
It turned out that whatever bullshit you write among your family and friends sometimes joking can be assumed to be your social behaviour and you data can be snooped based on that you can be categorized into TARGETED PERSON FOR HARASSMENT.
If you want to travel outside for education keep your social profile zero since any interpretation can be driven out of it.