What can bring fast development in Bihar,UP,west Bengal?

Today BIMARU states are poorest region in world But it looks very childish that these states should be actually fighting for fast track train routes to East Asia. Should be pressuring Central Government to achieve this as quick as possible.
But they are asking for non effective things like special state status which is comparatively (refer calculation below)

Today per capita Income of Bihar (500 dollars per annum dpa), UP(520 dpa) and Manipur(480 dpa) is even less than Afghanistan (1000 dpa) which is under war for last 50 yrs. But these states are not under war even for 1 year last 60 yrs.
There is progress made no one is discrediting that but at what pace?
See per capita income list by clicking sorting arrow on column.
– For Many years India grown at 3-4% GDP rate also become infamously synonymous with Hindu Rate of Growth for 25+ yrs.
For All these states are linked with high speed train network to East Asian countries Burma, Thailand,Singapore,Cambodia through north east.
Buddhism tourism Circuit can be developed very quickly with the railway network as well trade with these comparatively rich neighbours would be beneficial to both sides.
Why Railway is Important?
Today these regions are fastest growing region in world for last 30 yrs since 1980. Trade route through other medium is much longer and slower like through sea have to go around long round Thailand.
this east region can become corridor to goods exchange throughout india. Even have many caves with Buddhist time painting Maharashtra ,J&K,Madhya Pradesh,UP .
You see here in europe every country is connected by air, rail and land routes. This is also important for Asia. Infact India with so many enginnering manpower should play lead role in connecting asia from east to west. Atleast for start connect East Asia with India through rail route.
– Second FDI investment in region.FDI happens in cities not villages hence All major cities infrastructure should attract capital. Like F1 racing court presence in NOIDA is one such instance of brand building.
– Third most important is innovation in Education (like online education to primary edication), Innovation in finding New Industries sector or sector like Nano technology , Highly specialized Universities focusing on only particular issue important to state.
Innovation in  governance.
-Fourth ,
Attracting foreign students in many country want today to study in India,china since they are fast growing economies. Interest Exist in many countries student to study in India especially Information Technology, space technology Music, Arts, and culture , yoga, ayurveda related courses.since These IT courses are very cheap in India.

Bihar : Best location for Buddhist tourism circuit.

Avg per capita in Bihar, UP, manipur: 500 dpa
Avg per capita in ASEAN region: 5000 dpa.
with Singapore having more than 15,000 dpa  while others having lower but avg we can take 5,000 dpa.
– let suppose trade happens by old barter system. then exchange of goods or services would be like pressure in air. Where air moves from high pressure region to low pressure region. so when u mix the trade it has almost same effect.
-Moreover it offers many people to visit Buddha incarnation place through easier safer medium of train. Especially old age population.
– present trade size India- ASEAN 80 billion dollar. Both region India-china-Asean are fast growing region. If high speed rail road connectivity exist most trade will happen through this region even if perceived these states take up new 20% of this trade there par capita will increase by leap and bound.