Fastest travel Train from Europe Across Asia: World Integration More Jobs trade Recession proof

Europe is already connected by train routes. Why not under multi-cultural world Extend the routes to Asia middleeast-india-china-mynamar-singapore.
EuropeToSingaporeMore Tourist in Both sides, more jobs to cover recession from project, more growth in trade and commerce.
of 14,000 kms @600kms per hour in 20 hours……. London to Singapore.
Travel from Paris or London to Singapore on fast track train. Will not only save lot of fuel will also make travel safe and less costly.
This will also enable old aged people to travel safe on long distance.
Also High Speed train 550+ kph will attraction for lot of people to attract and go for long distance travel.
Train Across Asia people can travel to china and india by train. Just like US and Canada live peacefully. India can also allow transit for Chinese oil and goods requirements from middleeast from coast of India to china.Then China need not depend on others routes to achieve. Also gives them cost effective option. Even Fast train routes to Myanmar , to Thailand and to Singapore, to Cambodia , to shanghai from china or India.

India: problems in National Integration and solutions

The problem of national integration : I want to illustrate from story from third party outsider in India.
Story: How to Go to Nigeria from India by Bus.
I met a person from Nigeria in CCIE security Lab training. Normally he would talk less to people in India. In class When I started to taking to him asking about Nigeria.
He told me one day: You know what people here Ask me?
I asked: what?
He replied: people ask me. Which bus do you take from Hyderabad to go to your village in Nigeria?
I was surprised so was many people around. Then We confirmed further does people who asked this looked educated. He told they were in Computer Network training and already graduate.
people are not able to recognize Nigeria is in country or outside is not only geography lesson failure for those graduate but also failure to know states outside the their own state.
Getting more Data: Real hand people understanding
When I asked few more people: How often do you visit state outside their own in AP?
Answer: in majority case was never. Even some people said we need not. Only people from outside come to our state.
I was really surprised that is people do not know country How will they understand?
Then there was this assumption: We want to see Snow So we go outside?
When I told: There are 8 states in India where you can get dumped in snow Himalayas, Uttranchal, J&K, Sikkim, Assam, Aurnachal Pradesh, Mizoram, West Bengal (Darjeeling).
besides this there are occasional snow fall in other state.
People in North: Never seen Sea want to island. There are beautiful island in Andaman, nicobar, lakshyadeep.
Solution 1:
High Speed train connecting border of country in Max 5 hours:
This would lead to more people travelling across country and as Gandhi ji said : “Travelling is learning”. As people will travel across they will see more country and come across the diversity.
Also High Speed train 550+ kph will attraction for lot of people to attract and go for long distance travel.
Even Why not make if across Asia? people can travel to china and India by train. Just like US and Canada live peacefully. India can also allow transit for Chinese oil and goods requirements from middle east from coast of India to china.Then China need not depend on others routes to achieve. Also gives them cost effective option. Even Fast train routes to Myanmar , to Thailand and to Singapore, to Cambodia , to shanghai from china or India.
Solution #2. Promote subsidised travel during summer break for School children General free 1 ticket for year in general class etc.
High Speed boat travel:
Solution #3.  Inland Waterways development Authority:
InLand Waterways through River upto sea using High speed streamers.
From Cruise on
Route#1: Ganga from Haridwar to Kolkata Ganga Sagar or High speed boats Tour.
Route#2: Delhi to Kolkatta
Route#3: Maharashtra-Telagana-AP to bay of bengal then to Anadaman. on Godavari.
Karnataka-AP krishna and mahanadi orisa chatisgarh, Assam brahmputra etc
Can open up many travel and job possibility and can revive boat manufacturing units in India.
Solution #4. Exchange of students for 1 year of study between states for School.
This would be Exciting Where by Even student can get experience of other state as well may be taken care locally by Exchanged Guardians.
Exchange at school level
Exchange at College level
Exchange at Higher Education Level.
International Exchange.
Solution #5.

Laughing on somebody misery is Escapism on yourself

People create a trap or situation and laugh from background thinking no one is seeing what is happening ? But God is everywhere it sees everything there is no hiding no Escape from God.
You laugh on other and God laughs at you. (see these people I am already seeing them what they are doing and they are laughing ūüôā )
Now people think God is This thing or that But its just force which is running the whole world its like force behind nature. Which waits for right moment before reacting. When Accumulated sins goes beyond a limit it will react immediately.
Simple Example : Like in some land one by one all trees are cut after some time the top soil will get washed away. Immediately top soil is not washed away it over period of time. But one it is done there is no recovery. The Land becomes infertile or turn into desert as water level drops it may become desert.
So Nature flurry is sudden and it does not announce its arrival before. So Even if people create some situation use power to laugh over other people.But God if most powerful.
As they are seeing the weak and laughing. God sees at them laughing. As they are planning something over other people God is planning over them. There is no Escape Where will you run to mars, venus , milky way or other galaxy God is the power running everything has reach everywhere.
People say There if One Day called Day of Judgement in Christianity, same in Hinduism is called pralay, same in Islam is called kayamat. Now people say on that day whole earth will be destroyed and new life forms may emerge. History and origin of species do also tells same thing. Like how Dinosaurs more intelligent than humans wiped out. That is Earth\geological Phenomena But When a person die immediately for him/her is the same day is day of Judgement. He/She does not need to wait till End of Earth. The God knows all this sins and all his good deeds. Based on that judgement is arrived How to do justise with this spirit.
Now people say Who has seen what happens after death?
But Most of time God does not even wait for Death. People get the result of there Karma in this life itself. It may be delayed but its never dark or wrong. The judgement always tries to take people toward brightness from darkness in there life time. If that is not the case people would not say I did lot of handwork that is reason I am here or reached this position.
There can be temporary set back or testing times But there always silver lining and path defined. God help those who help themselves.
“The Flesh becomes word. And Word becomes Flesh” This means What?
The Flesh becomes word
The man made of flesh lives his life and this autobiography become words.
The Word become Flesh
The inspiring stories of moral values and stories of decorum Which help to ignite moral values in young minds. As people practise right path The words ignited moral souls become Flesh.
If you had some wrong story Then also t needs to become flesh or not? So God decides what way you can become after your story. So the Correction can be applied to your Essay of life to correct the Story. Whether you believe or not rebirth seems logical? But no one can say with surety. Bad karma…Bad story.. transform into bad flesh? Flesh is same in all animals what is changed is mind/body ratio. Highest then human being less than that then any other life form.
Any How? Karma always leaves imprint in this life itself it does not even wait for next life. but still whatever remaining is carried forward.
Life is never like straight line there are ups and down. Nothing remains permanent. Change is only permanent in the world. So Downs change into ups. And Ups into down.
A person who takes enjoyment in others down fall is No less than a Joker because God behind is seeing his/her drama. Life is all about What best you can do in given situation.
Rest you should leave to God. Water when left to settle alone finds its own level and settle.
drop some water on an area see it travels and reaches to spot below which it cannot go.
Let say under Earth is also water table.
See when you children in school of college are encouraged to behave in violent ways What happens? Violent breads violence not in othher mind but in there mind themselves as they learn this new art of violence they are less hesitant next time. It definitely end at anarchy.
There cannot be any end game of it.
Let suppose as example a owner one day decides to grow some goons with violent behaviour at some point of time the goons itself consume the owner. One day they decide why we need him/her to give instruction we can take up on over own. Is that not a logical conclusion? Institutions foundations are its values. Without values or paper values it erodes over period of time. See The institutions like failed companies read the story. Once started some malpractice it cannot be stopped. Because other people will say u did last time? This time I did? next time someone else?
from frequency one per year it ? next cycle goes to 2 ………
And The competitions set in to outpace at cost of institution.
This is precisely reason of many failing companies facing corporate governance issues.

A day in life of BI Engineer part 2

Read Part1:
Part 2:
First few days should understand business otherwise cannot create effective reports.
9:00 -10am Meet customer to understands key facts which affect business.
10-12 prepare HLD High level Document containing 10,000 feet view of requirement.
version 1. it may refined later subsequent days.
12-1:30 attend scrum meeting to update status to rest of team. co-ordinate with Team Lead, Architect and project Manager for new activity assignment for new reports.
Usually person handling one domain area of business would be given that domain specific reports as during last report development resource already acquired domain knowledge.
And does not need to learn new domain..otherwise if becoming monotonous and want to move to new area. (like sales domain report for Chip manufactuers may contain demand planning etc…)
1:30-2:00 document the new reports to be worked on today.
2:00-2:30 Lunch
2:30-3:30 Look at LLD and HLD of new reports. find sources if they exist otherwise Semantic layer needs to modified.
3:30-4:00 co-ordinate with other resource reports requirement with Architect to modify semantic layer, and other reporting requirements.
4:00-5:00 Develop\code reports, conditional formatting,set scheduling option, verify data set.
5:00-5:30 Look at old defects rectify issues.(if there is separate team for defect handling then devote time on report development).
5:30-6:00 attend defect management call and present defect resolved pending issue with Testing team.
6:00-6:30 document the work done. And status of work assigned.
6:30-7:30 Look at report pending issues. Code or research work around.
7:30-8:00 report optimisation/research.
8:00=8:30 Dinner return back home.
Ofcourse has to look at bigger picture hence need to see what reports other worked on.
Then Also needed to understand ETL design , design rules/transformations used for the project. try to develop frameworks and generic report/code which can be reused.
Look at integration of these reports to ERP (SAP,peopesoft,oracle apps etc ), CMS (joomla, sharepoint), scheduling options, Cloud enablement, Ajax-fying reports web interfaces using third party library or report SDK, integration to web portals, portal creation for reports.
So these task do take time as and when they arrive.

A day in Life of Business Intelligence Engineer

BI Requirements
Business Intelligence BI is used to analyse data to direct the resources towards area which is most productive or profitable. Slicing and dicing data available in cube(multi-dimensional data structure) along the critical areas of business defined by dimensions along which analysis has to be performed. Traditional databases are just 2 dimensional but if we need to move beyond 2 dimensional Analysis we have to used Analytical queries. Analytical Queries using functions like rank, tile etc. Are Not very Easy to conceptualize to complex requirements. These BI tools take the data and generate Analytical Queries in background seamlessly without user being aware of it.
The Need for Datawarehouse data modelling
The data from desperate Sources is accumulated into single datawarehouse or Can in subject specific data warehouse (also called Data marts). The datawarehouse consit of Facts table which is surrounded by dimension table (with ratio of about 80:20). Most data is found in Fact table. if there are more dimension to analyse beyond this 20 limit Then we can say “Too much analysis becomes paralysis”. Since there would be then lots of combinations of dimensions on which data could be analysed leading to lots of complex choices to deal with which may not be worth the effort.
So after proper business Analysis The key drivers of business are chosen along with those drivers parameters , Key performance indicators KPI , or facts are created.And also the dimensions which are critical to business are chosen to represent dimension tables.
Like for Clinical Research Company most critical driver is No. of Patients. Because if there are patients recruited by investigator (doctor) then only you can perform drug testing.
So Facts inside fact table used of analysis are measure centred around like number of patient enrolled, No. of patient suffered Adverse Effect, No. of randomized sample patient population , cost of enrolling patient etc… Now this will analysed across dimension like Geographic area (countries),Time (year 2012,2013 etc..), Study (analyse study wise),
Now Can Fact table will have numeric values facts and key of dimension tables. if its Star Schema then 2nd Normal Form of RDBMS (All non-prime attributes dependent on Prime attribute) but may have transitive dependency. Transitive dependency is removed by 3rd Normal form. A–>B (read B dependent on A), B–>C then A–>C should not be there.

When in perfect 3rd normal form Star Schema will become Snow-Flake schema with dimensions decomposed further into sub-dimensions.
DDB2- Snow Flake-SchemaExample of Snow flake schema you can see Item dimension is further broken into supplier table.
Cloud Computing relation to Business Intelligence and Datawarehousing
Read :

Cloud Computing and Unstructured Data Analysis Using
Apache Hadoop Hive
Also it compares Architecture of 2 Popular BI Tools.

Cloud Data warehouse Architecture:

Future of BI
No one can predict future but these are directions where it moving in BI.

A day Time Schedule of BI Engineer:
There is lifecycle flow in BI projects from requirement gather High Level Design HLD, Low Level Design LLD, using design to create report,
Choose Right Tool for report
Type of Reports:
1. Ad-hoc reports, Slice-dice (cube),
2. Event based alerts reports, Scheduling options,
3. Operational reports,
4. Complex logic report (highly customized),
5. BI App report embedded with 3rd party API,
6. Program generated report, report exposed as web service,
7. In-memory system based report like IBM Cognos TM1 or SAP HANA
8. Reports from ERP (has totally different dynamics like Bex Analyser SAP Sales and Distribution Reports). Which goes deep into domain and fetch Domain specific as well cross domain functionality. More Domain reports in SAP are fetch using SAP ABAP  Report other option SAP Bex Analyser, or Web dynapro or SAP BO crystal report, or Web-Intelligence like this more than 20 favours of reports software exist with 1 Report development product like SAP BO and SAP.
BI Report FlavorFigure: Some reporting Flavours Of SAP BO List is still not Full here. 9/14 reporting toll shown here.
Which will see later this in More detail. (Can Read link above for architectural differences between two system).
9.  Enterprise Search: This is Also part of BI ecosystem. Microsoft FAST or Endeca can search Enterprise repository having indexes related index to point to Right data not just document. Like SharePoint CMS searches,brings indexed documents ,set rights to view or edit, set user profile, But its not pointing to right Answers based on data.
Even Single unified metadata using Customer Data Integration CDI, can corelated equivalence between entities Across disparate ERP.  Enterprise search can use this intelligence and maintain repository to throw answers to user question in search like interface.
Lets look At Each of this option in 1 product Like SAP BO/BI:
1.WebIntelligence/Desktop Intelligence
2. Crystal Reports
3. Polestar
4. Qaws
5. Xcelsious
6. Outllooksoft (planning now BPS SAP Business planning and simulation)
7. Business Explorer
8. Accelerator
Similar 14 report option Exist in BO itself. IBM Cognos (8 software) has its own options,
Microstrategy also has some (5-7) set of Reporting options.
Web Dynapro
Bex Analyser
First few days should understand business otherwise cannot create effective reports.
9:00 -10am Meet customer to understands key facts which affect business.
10-12 prepare HLD High level Document containing 10,000 feet view of requirement.
version 1. it may refined later subsequent days.
12-1:30 attend scrum meeting to update status to rest of team. co-ordinate with Team Lead, Architect and project Manager for new activity assignment for new reports.
Usually person handling one domain area of business would be given that domain specific reports as during last report development resource already acquired domain knowledge.
And does not need to learn new domin..otherwise if becoming monotonus and want to move to new area. (like sales domain report for Chip manufactuers may contain demand planning etc…)
1:30-2:00 document the new reports to be worked on today.
2:00-2:30 Lunch
2:30-3:30 Look at LLD and HLD of new reports. find sources if they exist otherwise Semantic layer needs to modified.
3:30-4:00 co-ordinate with other resource reports requirement with Architect to modify semantic layer, and other reporting requirements.
4:00-5:00 Develop\code reports, conditional formatting,set scheduling option, verify data set.
5:00-5:30 Look at old defects rectify issues.(if there is separate team for defect handling then devote time on report development).
5:30-6:00 attend defect management call and present defect resolved pending issue with Testing team.
6:00-6:30 document the work done. And status of work assigned.
6:30-7:30 Look at report pending issues. Code or research work around.
7:30-8:00 report optimisation/research.
8:00=8:30 Dinner return back home.
Ofcourse has to look at bigger picture hence need to see what reports other worked on.
Then Also needed to understand ETL design , design rules/transformations used for the project. try to develop frameworks and generic report/code which can be reused.
Look at integration of these reports to ERP (SAP,peopesoft,oracle apps etc ), CMS (joomla, sharepoint), scheduling options, Cloud enablement, Ajax-fying reports web interfaces using third party library or report SDK, integration to web portals, portal creation for reports.
So these task do take time as and when they arrive.

From West moreLand to The milky Way

I had an Exam For That I needed to move from Limerick to Dublin. Bus would drop me in place Called Westmoreland. Being new I need to remember this name.
You know I need more Land. Some more Land. WestmoreLand.
On the way I met a Afghan injured person in bus also travelling for his visa documentation.
But Next Step was to Move from MoreLand to Grand Mill Quay. How to pronounce Grand Mill Quay does it not like Grand Milkyway.
o My journey started toward The Grand Milkyway.
Preparation: The Next stage is Story So hang on.
Preparations were not enough it was project management Exam. Which I need to get through 80% in each of 5 sections namely Initiation, planning,Implementation Controlling, and monitoring. Though I had worked as Architect sometimes held responsibility as agile project manager for 2 large project. But This one Non agile. Agile uses principles of Lean Six sigma to achieve small requirement cycles called sprint this like zero inventory concept in Warehousing like in Kaban, or TQM. Thus small numbers of user stories can keep your inventory to be deliverable low. Thus keeping the flexibility near you to change product from each sprint to next sprint as it conceptualizes thus helping Customer to see what he/she wants next features in product rather than old Big Bang Waterfall one time design than directly into production. Waterfall had problem that big bang design would change a lot as soon as product is being implemented leading to more Rework or change Request.
So lean and agile can in. What was not there in Old Project Management.? But This time I was onto old Project Management Certification. Since you need to get compulsory training then give this Exam. Need to roll few Exam practise And then into Exam.
Ready in Morning 5 am to 8:30am Exam practise then To Bus stand  8:50 Bus start through river Stand.
Meet a Afghan on Bus Stand Also travelling:
While talking I came to know problem Afghan were facing in there country. He was also critical of Pakistan Role and its Expansionary policies. He told I was given a form to sign as Pakistan refugee but I refused and told I need only Afghan form. Also He told most Afghan are not into violent activities but are forced by Pakistan based groups.
Even India is facing same problem for decades and so does even Bangladesh faced long back. But Every one wants peace so everyone keep cool but its not stopping. Any How it is not our problem to solve its for people to understand Eye for an Eye will leave whole people blind. Common sense should prevail.
I had few good friends from pakistan and I do not differentiate based on country but there are some people who are under influence of Mind Wash. This was Exactly same thing Afghan Told me: I was flabbergasted How much similarity in problem Exist…
These are not times of Kings of olden age where These Expansionary policies would have worked. Even There was perception that if world power wants they can stop by forcing warring party to settle down can negotiate.
Full discussion was centred around This debate on the way: He lost his son and injuries paralysed half body. Sad to hear. I told how rest of family doing?
Answer: They are out of there village some where in city.
He was very angry on Pakistani policies. I told everything will settle down in time.
Asked about Education of Children? He told Extremist have policy to blow school, hospitals and teachers. This was quite wired for me Why would they do this only reason comes to me is to make these people ill-literate , dependent on those group thus spoiling there future.I Told Why not send there Children to India for study as non was doing and cost was high? I was amazed Even Indian government could take these students adjust in different schools in country in village give then real modern Education by the time dust settles.
India Already had this tradition of Educating many leaders in past.


Building career: Every unrelated course is important – practical Example.

As some great men said: “Bad Man quarrel with his tools”. Educational courses are one set of tools available to mankind.
Steve Jobs lecture to Stanford:

Connecting the Dots……………………………..
Where When he was not able to pay for University fees so he could attend only 1 class so he enrolled in calligraphy course Which he had interest but not knew where it would come to use? university had best calligraphy courses.
So He says in later part of his life after 10 yrs it became clear why god made him attend that course of calligraphy When he was creating Fonts for Macintosh all those come to use.
And “Macintosh would never had typography with multiple typefaces and propotionally space fonts”. -Steave Jobs (listen video above)

Today When I was watching WEF debate Tony Blair made one statement which is quite true but said surprising sarcastically.
He says important thing is “to learn new thing everyday even when piece of information may not be practical use to you rest of your life.” -Tony Blair
Go To last of this video: 1:19:09 minute.
This is credible proof that whatever you learn comes to use one day.
Now I quote Some Examples from what I experienced.
Instance 1:
Extra Course in Operation Research Gave me first Software job:

Strategy: Differentiate or Die.
Curosity to know details of Operation Research along with my Masters in Computer Application. Most people in my class used to joke Why you need this course?
Even my cousin who was in Software at that time worked 5 yrs said same thing to my parents and complained its useless tell him to get out of that course and concentrate on MCA.
————–But I never did infact my strategy was actually correct in testing time of recession. Having read many Case Studies : I knew “Differentiate or Die”.
When I floated My resume?
within 15 days I got call : there urgent need for software developer with Operation Research OR Knowledge. And OR was critical for them they needed person who can test OR algorithms for Warehouse management software. This was company having offices in New zealand and USA. In Company in India development and testing of there product used to happen. This product was used in 160+ countries by FMCG majors Nestle and P&G.
Instance 2:
Six Sigma Green belt:
I enrolled in six sigma green belt certification in year 2006 on my own. But it was not getting used anywhere But On day When I was working for Clinical Research largest company Quantiles Transnational. They were looking at better ways to mange there studies of drugs. Each Study was organized as project. There I could related and suggest using Six Sigma how to improve processes in year 2008.
Рyear 2013: MS final project also I did  applied this six sigma known to complete the modelling of Wireless sensor network communication pattern. using LCL/UCL process control methodology.
Instance #3: Yoga for health
I can quote many instances like Naturopathy and yoga courses which I took as along with college graduation later even taught these to many people helped me to stablize and maintain patience also re-leaving stress build up.
Instance #4 Mathematical Modelling.
while doing MS in network and information security. I enrolled in many coursera courses one of them was on mathematical modelling.
My Six months project on Wireless Sensor Network Modelling
would be in difficult shape had I not enrolled in this Mathematical modelling course.
Infact it gave me more knowledge then any full time stuff.
Finally: Everything is useful if you can connect the dots.
“The bad man quarrel with his tools. Good man Connect Dots…………………”.
By Good here mean people with common sense. We cannot compare with Great people who have extra-ordinary vision only we can have at least common sense.

My Story part-2: Harassment Of being Hindu Software Engineer

Part 1:

So As I was in New set-up working on Peoplesoft Support projects for Human Resource Management System HRMS dealing with (global payroll customisation, benefits to employee, and there reporting using Brio’s SQR (which later got acquired with oracle now called Oracle Production reporting).
Living in house tenant to house owned by muslim. We had very cordial relationship As his son usually come and spend time in our house and discuss career options available to him after his graduation and to find schools for him for acting etc…
At Work:
Back At work I was new to technology with Organisation putting me back to work under a senior staff member. I was picking technology from outside as well especially focus on what I am not learning form outside. Having already worked as java,oracle and open source developer there was no issue with me to pick new tech. But This was ERP.
Complexity Of being ERP: Exposed first time.
ERP by its nature is very vast to give you a hint. There are more than 30,000 tables populating data in background for may be more than 20,000 + forms and 30,000+ reports of different kind all pre-delivered ready to customize.There are many ways customization can be achieved on these like using language called people code, report SQRW, app Engine, application integrator, crystal reports, Application designer tools etc..
Domain Depth:
More important thing in case of ERP is it goes really deep into domain like suppose payroll.
Now there is american payroll with 401K plans , benefits etc, But its not there in German payroll or Canadian payroll. American payroll will implement each and every related government laws like what % of salary goes to taxes , heath care related regulations for Benefits module of ERP. Usually a person who gets Expertise in 1 payroll stays with that payroll throughout career or may be Add one more payroll max.
So like this if I count how many career lines available in peoplesoft HRMS may be more than 20+ , in Financials 20+ in other modules like supply chain management etc 30+.
in total around 80+ different techno-functional career available within Single product people soft can check yourself just google Oracle Peoplesoft.
Now We had cab scheduled working in shifts. This company was largest Peoplesoft support company handling 18% of world wide cases related to Peoplesoft reported Incidents, customisation and Enhancements ICE there kinds of request have to be understood at human resource domain level than Technology level. If there is customisation required then peoplesoft would not support request and implementation vendor like Accenture, Capgemini etc. has to found for customisation. We would take mostly support cases on technology and domain.
There were 3 divisions: Peoplesoft HR, finance, SCM each of which had 4 or more sub-divisions.
So new Technology area of ERP learning curve takes min 4-5 months atleast to understand what is being done and then mentored by somebody would make it easy and fast you can easily Understand now why?
being vast modules technology, law, HR management, labour laws, taxation etc coinciding in each case. Peoplesoft has its own application server it can use any of major databases in back ground, it had its own scheduler and integration tools.
So any database like oracle, sql server, mysql, informix etc.. can come up in case assigned.
As well any of App server like Webshere, weblogic, jboss, Tuxedo etc.. can also come up.
Then from 30,000+ already built in tables figure out which one will be used in case.
Same for 20,000+ forms and reports. So learning curve was good enough and I had no senior from my college in company unlike many others who had this luxury so I needed to toil hard and pick as much as possible from outside. people were not ready to spend money on outside education they wanted more to mentored by company itself.But I had curious case doing all way as opportunity arrives outside/inside. My low cost Educational background had not provided luxury of vast alumni Network.
My Educational Background:
3 Yrs Masters degree in Computer Application MCA.

One of the problems I had many time went to University and Asked them to do it for sake of poor students studying in different part of India 500+ centres.
But Any how the Exams were good quality and assignments were even better we had good scientist working in home town to take tuitions from so we never had problem.
We would get problem Like this in our masters in year 2000-03 (3 yrs degree)
Out of 1200 student registered in centre End of 3 yr only 60 passed out. 5% passout, 95% did not made it in cut. So people were very confident that now they can get what ever they want having in 5% result set. But India reputation of college in more important than the rigorous syllabus and exam system. Even student were so much in demand in teaching institutes that they never look back into software engineering career as well.
I having Read as many 600+ business magazine by then as well complemented parallel with 2 more degree in IT and mathematics, operation research. Even final year I thought why not read economics as there is slow down so I did enrolled in MA Economics parallel with my other degrees and passed 1 year. As i got job I left focused on software job.
Back to my Experience:
So While working I came to know this fact Almuni is more important then Even your hard work because anything you do Exceed all Expectation yet evaluation is in Hand of someone Who is in Alumni of someone.  Boss can do anything he like with your performance report as trivial as not proper English skill When could not find ans fault in technology and domain. Any How I was doing well technologically never bothered about all those focused more on technological issues and break through, reading business cases.
for about 6-8 months I worked under a superior who later wants to put his own community person in my position my first Experience of casteism in Work (which I never thought before follower of samajwadi party ). So I was put under another manager for part time. Then next I came to know to make way for people he started planning to make my way out. What was strategy? put some people who his related party controls and push some muslim managers against me. I had no clue being very religious and open to any religion as one kind approach. So he started using him to push me further I had sleepless day and night. What I used to think that if I continue improving then this hard training would make my job easy on this technology in next job. One day 3 days contentiously 72 hours i was in office only. As my technology and domain was shifting constantly and I wanted to somehow complete 1 year then move to next company.
Planning Shift To another Company
Now my manager a yadav has easy strategy having put a muslim manager has easy task if i say anything it can be used as hindu-muslim issue. That would make my career in permanent cold storage. For manager He can do anything and having spent 6-7 yrs in technology and network created easy to go anywhere. But I rather did not minced anything even for 72 hours continously in office.
Institutional Failure on Integration of community in India
That is first time I say people grouping with each other based on Caste , community and languages. Having spent most of my childhood wandering all over india , I used to feel very sad at the failures of national integration visible even in private company store. Namely Jains group with jain, muslim with muslim , yadav with yadav , punjabi with punjabi, south indian with south, pahari with pahari in my case i wish to remain idealistic not in any group. But it was mistake when I look back it important to be part of group otherwise u may be left alone being hindi speaking punjabi from uttranchal who lived all over india.
So Company was doing good adding numbers took new office .
Second Successful prediction
Suggestion: One day I met director told him its risky to put all your egg in one basket by focusing on just 1 technology. What will happen if an shift happens ?
He told me be positive nothing we are doing Good.
This was during office party so I did not wanted to dwell longer. I had already studied oracle was pursuing takeover of peoplesoft for last 4 yrs many attempts.
Which turned out true later: Oracle acquired peoplesoft and cancelled support contract with company. Company lost all business in short had to reduce manpower from 240 to around 30-40 people.
Before This Manager made plan for my exit god made plans for each one’s exit.
Snooping at home:
The two boys back at home were given assurance by manager of job in return snoop on me. So when I lost job alone with 60 others as result of company losing business. I was very upset as the people i recommend were still there. So I was looking for answers and i was told it was corporate trick. I started looking for new job. As well to stabilize when one boy back home told me there is one muslim preacher you should meet he can answer your queries. He told that it helped him having and was passing this information at behest of people snooping info from company. So I went to preacher he told me to go to a sufi mazar and a majid and prey there for few minuted each week donate money and give food to poor on every Tuesday.
I having brought god as one concept looking for peace went there prayed there one man guided me. I was serious but these guys were watching from behind and making fun of me.
Which became clear later to me 3 months later and 12 visits. That See Where We have brought him.
Then I wanted to just move away from that place. To them they thought they its like joke to me i had no problem see for me god was one in any form and place. I often used to stop in front of temple, mosque or gurdwara or church and remember god.
When I look at this incident today it looks like they needed to expand horizon. India i later realized rightly maintained tolerance for many religion due to this openness. But Any how they kept laughing on the incident for many years.
During office The harrasment Which I suffered verbal and work related made one perosn say one day “He should file a defamation case but I had more tolerance to sustain being from may be poor background made me hard just making living somehow”.
Now I shifted to new place for my training without telling these person back home snooping to those people. For my next job.

A day in life of Agile Project Manager

Lets look at time schedule of typical Agile Project Manager.
Agile project management is new stream Added in project management certification where concepts of Six sigma , Statistical process control were added into project management.
This is Newest Addition into project management. These topics are not yet included in popular project management certification altogether a new certification was made for it.
Here is link for certification:

Every new requirement are written in form called user stories. The User
Day Work starts as move from home
Wake up 06 am go for 1 hour gym 06-07;30.
07:30-  8:00 daily routine, etc luck enugh time take break fast.
07:50 reach bus stop to catch bus.
07:50 – 09:00 on road to Company.
9 am-10am look at a parameters to check status of project like burn down chart to see how many user stories are covered upto now. prepare new set of activity List not next drop Testing environment.
scrum meeting
10-11.30 Scrum Meeting: To check Who is doing what and What is status of Activity Assigned. Also Take Activity list and Check Assignment and discuss possible issue around then from each a every team member. A team of 40 people each taking 2 minutes(highly unlikely people do take more time) adds to 80 minutes.
11:30 – 11-45 take all this feedback make Minutes of Meeting MOM.
11:45-12:00 make assignment of every activity taken up by each resource and recheck plan to see whether its on target to testing cycle next drop.
12:00-12:15 adjustment in plan. update burn down chart send to stake holders with project status.
12:15 Take look at technical issue hitting limits requiring attention suppose 10% of team faces means 4 people each requiring 15 minutes to understand issue and then another 30 minutes to implement solution.But in that 30 you can use 15 minutes to move to another member just paralleling h=job save 15 min per interaction.
12:00 -12:30 Team 1 issue.
12:30-1:00 Team 2
01:00 -01:30 Team 3 issue.
01:30-02:00 Team 4 issue.
By 2 free to take Brunch
02:00 – 02:30 Lunch+ going and coming time.
02:30- 03:00 meeting With Requirement gathering team for new user Stories for next cycle of deliverable. Understanding requirements and putting them into actual activity considering integration with delivered Earlier.
03:00-3:15 put all user stories in official format.
3:15 – 4:15 Code walk through check issue, Compare best practises incorporated, Standards, Regulations etc Each day of different team. Although time would less optimize.
04:15- 05:00 Look into specific issue not handled today, defect pending long, make communication mails between stake holders and reply to all status, calculate project status ratios and levelling, resourcing issue etc.
05:00-06:00 Defect Call between Testing Team and Development team. update defect list Those accepted as defect added to list to be taken up by developer and Those defects found by testing team turned down by development team as not fitting user stories description so moderate the discussion getting into each defect technicality and correlating with requirements.
06:00-06:15 Take daily status from each team member of work completed today and put that against project plan send to stake holders.
06:15- 06:45- update defect sheet, Look at technology issue which faced today help team member in possible resolution.
06:45-07:45 If 10% issue of the day would still be remain and project artefacts would require updation. it may take up 1 hour depends on complexity of project.
07:45-08:00 Dinner time.
08:00-09:00 Research time on possible better ways or project is taking any new technology implement and study, visualize its impact on future deliverables. Like one Example: There Was a issue on Report using Oracle BI solution when start fetching data from various data marts and databases taking more time and not having some feature.
So Question is Can we replace BI with portal based UI creation technology like Oracle APEX. Did you hear about it ? it was released in year 2009 and was new technology with hardly 4 resources in Whole company of 30,000 developers. So can we put geographical reporting using APEX rather than OBIEE. Mind you its not the APEX code used in’s platform to create CRM on cloud. Can u up scale in 1 hour about this issue. No first day of the 8-9 time installation, second day 8-9 get basics right at end of week you have replicated the environment. Then you may need time over week ends to experiment.
9:00 -9:30 leave from office wait for Bus.
9:30-10:30 home drop. walk to reach room by 11.
At 11 just drop and read watch sleep.No time. I had never touched facebook when I was working my account came to existent when I left job.
Now there are other activity for which yo might have to take time out for company like creating organisation assets in form of automated solutions, or project status reporting framework, business Case development, team building , taking interviews, over seeing the drop to testing and production, interaction with diverse team member sparse across. build up domain skills of like telecom OSS, BSS or Clinical research etc.
Or taking up groups of competency and giving training to user and developers etc.
When these are adjusted time may swell up more in office. So u may not see sun rise whole day started before sunsrise and Ended in midnight. After few years it will become norm although companies write work life balance but they could never provide due to competitive bidding process takes up less and less for more and more work.
One more issue is attrition: now if attrition is high due to organisational issues then it does add up to work of senior staff to upskill new resource and adjust timings. These are thin lines over which Everything rest each day you will find your self motivated to do more in less time to save time automatically but new things will keep comming.

India: 4th Largest coast-line Can become World leader in Ship building and maritime industry

India has 4rth largest coast line in Asia just behind Indonesia, japan, china. Has not been used effectively for Economic good.
Simple statistics : Maritime Economic Index MEI , india ranks much higher than its present utilisation. MEI is designated to considered equivalent to HDI due its influences on many parameters especially monetary once. Although Human development Index takes education, health, maternity rate, maternity death etc into account so its different from MEI. But potential of MEI is very huge for coastal states like in India
Each state can do its bit. India imports 240 billion dollar of goods and Export around 170 billion dollars. Total trade in around 1/2 trillion dollars every year.
30,00,000 crore rupees of trade every year. Not only that it sits on important sea highway from middle east towards pacific.
So There can be many Sea faring companies which can take goods from any part of world and transport to any part of the world. So if we take this into account total value is much large. Even States UP, Bihar if they can make vessel run on ganga possible it will not only keep ganga clean also it will increase tourism to very large Extent.
There are no cruise Ship tourism currently in India although oppurtunity is very large for running ship from
Cruise ship west coast: west coast towards lakshdeep, maldives and back to goa, Gujarat, maharashtra, Karnataka,
Cruise East :Even on east cost on tamil nadu, AP orissa, West bengal towards lakshdeep and back. you get so many coral island in between. Blue beaches and white sand.
Economic opportunity in this Can only be developed if there is competing ship building companies in India in every state should compete with other space exist for all.
Calcualtion total Trade value:
1. Import+ Export: 30,00,000 crore.
2. International trade: 30,00,000 crore + it will more only but detailed below.
3. Tourism: 10% of 40 billion= 4 billion (lower side only)
As its a new area came up in chart it can take up a lot more than 10%. Also there are other related tourism out of total 100 billion tourism which india can attract let say 20% can be attracted here.
So it adds upto 20+4+ 20 Ship building due to cheap manpower ( 
Even Right now countries where labour rates are 5 times india like china have 12 billion Export in ship building. There is enough space for both china and India.
China can take itself from 12 to 50 billion dollar.
While india from present 2 can take to 20 billion in next 3 yrs.
So total min = 44 billion dollar Forex Earning per year.
Now distribute this wealth to 9 sea states in india.
Average around 5 billion dollar for each state. and not divide by population in these states of around 35 crore or .35 billion population per capita it come to
44/0.35= 125 dollar per year.
And effect of this on other tertiary sectors of around 125 dollar per person by way of secondary manpower. considering 1:1 ratio ( actually it would be 1:3 or 1:5).
So total conservative Estimate per capita increase by 250 dollar in next 3 yrs itself.
from present average 1500 dollar to inflation adjusted 1750 dollar or increase of 16% with that put inflation and other factor. if 7% inflation taken into factor.
it may affect 300 dollar per year or 18,000 rupees income to every person in these state due to Ship industry.
Addition to this is attaching another analysis. India is famously position for steel building having large iron and coal ores. India is lowest cost steel producer in world.

Manpower cost in India in 1/5 th of china.
Not only it can supplement into huge trade imbalance or trade deficit of around 100-200 billion dollar Every year. Thus giving Government quick arsenal to reduce every current account and trade deficit.
These are Easily achievable targets in next 3 yrs. 44 billion dollar per year reduction in 150 billion dollar trade deficit india is having.It would be very much needed As there is always fluctuation in IT sector going forward. The rates of Oil is also fluctuating So india would in difficult position if this is not done.
Note: There is no Meritime/Ship buidling University in India
India require increase in manpower of about 20% Every Year.
Why Goverment not focusing quickly in these sector?
Рif it ends Unemployment in india engineering youth and bring forex in large to help stabilize rupee and bring forex trade deficit down from varying avg 130 billion to about 90 billion
Especially when India is going to election and most south,west , east sea faring states are very crucial Even opposition is targeting them along with ruling party. Giving them this vision for industry and sea linked to them. Sea gives all people there emotional bond with is not comparable with any other thought.

Common Wealth Vs Un-common Wealth for Common Man

Countries Like UK, ireland, cannda, Australia they come under common wealth countries.
Traditionally they were ruled by common denominator the Numerator kept fluctuating though over period of time. What is good for one country may not be good of other everyone has its choices, everyone tries to optimize opportunities available to trade.
( This Article is written in general sense not to hurt any sentiment if any)
What are then can be categorized Un-Common wealth countries? Those countries which never had this common wealth but generated wealth on there own over period of time.
There are are basically two category of English speaking countries for Common Man to migrate One is CommonWealth other is Un-commonwealth countries.
The Un-common wealth countries have greater focus on enterprise to create wealth over period of time. Having said that Even Common-Wealth has on later half of century focus on Enterprise. So the culture of Enterprise is building up in Common wealth. Whereas Uncommon Wealth countries did start and rose from scratch due to enterprise power.
Still you can see though the traces of Common Wealth in countries and which will ever remain. It is just how things came up in history in particular area.
Where are those traces exist? Actually you can Easily See it I do not want to focus on that right now.
Un-Common wealth: Which was not Actually common than common wealth did come up over period of time with trial-error of enterprise and economic policies. Why I say trial and error because in between there were periods of learning from great depression those were period of error which gave new rooms for innovation, careful calibration, refinement in economic policies from where new models of Keynesian economics were implemented.
We know GDP growth Rate = C+G + I + E -X
G Government Expenditure, I Investment, E Export, X import, C private consumption.
Reduction is interest rate upped The C and I while government increased its G which lead to revival and growth but before this lets Say say’s law was in use. But I am not Economist to get into details point I am making is “Every Chaos bring Innovation”.
Un-Common wealth Countries had to go through lot of Chaos which brought these economic, technological , social innovations which brougth lot of Common Wealth to Un-common wealth countries hence increasing the employment and growth Chances.

Even today many countries have to keep date with past and traditions restricting the scope of innovations and enterprise and hence in a way reducing there chances to create employment and growth which comes with enterprise.
So For Common Man it would be nice to migrate to Common Wealth or To Un-common Wealth countries. Its tricky question
But Un-Common is actually Common and Common is actually un-common.
Are you getting what I mean here?
There is saying in Hindi which goes like this ” The person Who say he prays to God a lot or too much religious actually when you go deep he/she actually not religious enough his thought pattern is like that.”
That is same concept which is going here:
Every Common Wealth is actually Un-common While Actually Un-common wealth is actually Common wealth.

Punctured Lungs Revolution- Where can it take you?

To Every punctured lung out in world. Drinking Cigarette is injurious to health is written on Every packet , and passive smoking is even more Dangerous Still people Enjoy it.
So its burning Tobacco which enters into lungs I still cannot believe What brings enjoyment in it.
punctured lungs            illustration picture :See The Right Side punctured Lungs: its feeling kick of burning vegetation inside you.
Think An Advertisement: “person take burger and burn it then inhale its smoke into its lungs. And says it was wonderful”. And then tells to other people to join him and many people join burning burgers into smoke and inhaling.
If you think about it and visualize this picture its almost same.

Curious Case : Cigarette and Indian Corporate politics.
In India : A law was made to make ban public smoking Under this Even in offices people cannot smoke inside offices. So They needed to get out just to drinking burning leave(tobacco). Many people make smoking groups inside offices. Now The Smoking groups will go out and random intervals just get there lungs punctured and feel of it will make them work better or Extra.
Most people Who ventured out many would in higher position since they had more time and money to burn there money with burning lungs to them it gives kick. Surely lungs get kick. Accumulated Kicks in lungs over period by Burning leaves would surely make them kick you. Once lungs start kicking you then you would not require any kick because they will not stop. So the Punctured lungs would help it along to get it more punctured.
Think: A cycle tyre got punctured you repaired it once. but What happens in some time around the punctured area another punctured comes up without any External Event.
And Then another puncture in lungs storing Oxygen for your brain.
(I cannot imagine how brain will feel kick of each sip causing less oxygen inside it. offcourse i know biology how it works but I am taking common sense without biology. The nicotin from burn enters into air then mix up with blood getting purified which gives better feeling damaging your lungs with particles setting there).
The Punctured lungs feel happy after every sip thinking they are in different world. I have actually never tried this approach coincidently because i do not want to go in that world.
How many Repairs Can punctured lungs take?
I have found out when I was riding cycle that max six puncture for one tyre after this t was not worth while Even repair person will say better take a new tube.?
Can you take a new Lung after repair?
That you can decide yourself and depending on that can increase or decrease kick of burning vegetation(tobacco leaf).
suppose tomorrow I come up with Burning charcoal or burning orange peals gives similar effect. There would be lot of people pealing orange cover.
orange-peelThen sun dry it on top of trace to crush it into powder.dryed Orange pealThen I say its very healthy to Take smoke of burning orange peal into your lungs.
How many people would be takers of it? supposing orange is big traded commodity throughout the world and it has some vitamins as well.
How Many punctured Lungs would try this new combination? Would they not ask question why? I bet keep it somewhere as stall and see how many would ask question about its benefits and its content.
Coming Back to Corporate politics.
So The groups of people going for puncturing there lungs in group like its some kind of movement going inside company to make everyone join it and Enjoy it. This Punctured lung movement we can call “puncture revolution”. This puncture revolution is going on inside Every corner of the world without our notice. Just look around inside office at one incident you can find trace of puncture revolution. It’s slipping beneath carpet everywhere.
Even its has taken meta-physical dimension moved inside screen from human beings.
If you see picture hall people smoking there traces can be found even after they leave.
“Life is not about following other’s footstep leave your everywhere”.
You have two dimensions one is in air floating (little heavy particle than air) other is the filter left on ground. So its has infected Earth and air Even after you are gone people will remember you by your traces.
But usually people will think about a person a one time like his/her birthday. In this case its almost Everytime. So This Every time formulae has entered into films where puncturing lungs is an art. Its requires lot of creativity in puncturing lungs and then more creativity in leaving traces in air and on ground.
Let me demonstrate with visual:
Even there is How to do videos available on youtube for you to become popular.

Why popular? its logical once people found out you have capability to leave traces in air and ground Also of attracting people around you directly by joining movement or indirectly by passive traces found later on (did you not have this feeling somebody was here? i bet no one will say no Why? because no chance traces are already there ).
Its like leaving your footsteps on Sand.FootprintsInTheSand                            Leave your Footsteps on soil join Puncture Revolution
Creativity? Are you joking? No Can you leave ring traces or round traces in air to force people to accept that you were there. Can anyone say you were not there? No one has courage. Can you not see creativity in the video above?
Puncture Revolution inside Corporate politics
So Back to Story After all illustrations. People inside company going out feeling urgent need to puncture there lungs. Its irresistible urge which is quite universal and omnipresent.
So The groups Are also formed even inside company for this ceremony everyday many times. Now The top rung people usually in India are part of this because it considered status symbol. If you have no willingness to puncture your lungs then you are considered inferior low paid tribe. The Corporate politics thus will be dominated by puncture-man in the corporate hierarchy would pass on this tradition to other new joinee in the company.
The puncture group usually would have more say in politics everywhere since they share more details when they get kick which was not possible otherwise. Also the group with be usually large and also dominated by heavy weights (here i do not mean obese but those who are in top management of the company).
Interesting Incident:
There was this guy who always use to keep cigarette in his pocket one day I asked him:
Are you Smoker? He said : please do not tell anyone I can share with you: “I am not a smoker”. Then Why you keep cigarette in pocket
His Reply: “It helps me to listen to upper management (What we call in management Grapevine communication? smart guy). So you go in puncturing ceremony yet you do not puncture just watch people puncturing. yes in that process lots of grapevine comes out.
And if anyone not having cigarette I can supply them almost free. Good.
I was thinking : He gets free passive puncture as well.
So you can Easily understand Why this urgent need is spreading the wings of Puncture revolution. People take pride in there capability , message passing, and the relativity you get with top rungs otherwise you would be feeling alienated.
But if you have will you can do anything in this world being democratic space Everyone has equal opportunity. So Some people did achieved success without joining puncture revolution. In Third world countries Where laws are made put in big libraries in books but rarely followed/implemented.
Same is inside the Companies values are last option for profit motive There are are many Exception though Where Company did defied this law and surprisingly sustained longer that above law abiding companies. You can call this The Age of Outlaw.

SpiderMan,PowderMan and The-Woes (Davos) enquiry with professor

There was a Spiderman and There was a PowderMan.
Lets introduce the PowderMan:
just imagine this song and replace Spider with Powder.
PowderMan Living his life on protein powder and multi-vitamin pills to compensate for Complex Food Ecosystem life in City.
Interesting Things were happening around There was meeting happening of major world leaders it was Called The-Wooes (Davos).

The-Wooes is Where the Woes of world would be discussed All people from the world will assemble there to discuss there Woes. This was this only instance of this large gathering get together to discuss Woes which was never heard of before.
Powderman thought there are lot of woes accumulated in this world so there no other way but to get together in tourist spot and gather all intelligent people so they can discuss irrespective of there local push-pull constituency and discuss find Solutions.

PowderMan Got interested in process and wanted to gain better understanding of process.
So PowderMan Went to his professor in The University:
He asked professor “I wanted to Discuss The-Woes meeting”.
Professor Told “I do not have time.”
Powderman asked further: ” Sir, (Do not have time for The-woes of world or for this meeting”.
Professor replied: “I Cannot give time to both, I am very busy I have my own meetings”.
PowderMan: “Sir please give me 5 minute if you have”.
Professor: “Professor got Angry and Said. See this Whole world works on theory of relativity given by Sir Albert Einstein (Sir is not available to all country) . See
Relativity is very important. If you are relative to somebody then he or she may oblige otherwise not. Are you relative to me?”
PowderMan: No
Professor: Then How can I oblige for 5 minute.
Powderman: Sir But I heard its about difference in Velocity with respect to position you are.
Professor: Exactly.
PowderMan: But Sir In the meeting of The Woes no one is relative.
Professor: You have to go little deep in concept. See The relative means are your thought and perspective are relative(similarity) to me. How much its s similar that much we are relative.
PowderMan: Sir But if views are similar then what is discussion about?
Professor: The whole discussion is about to become more relative (similar thinking individual). So they can Call Themselves and think with relative sense otherwise there is no sense.
PowderMan: Sir The process is going on since years. The world would have become relative by now.
Professor: If it was so easy then Sir Enstein would not have got noble prize in Physics. And Would not be called the Greatest Science-twist in the world.
PowderMan: Sir, Scientist or Science-twist?
Professor: What is work of Science-twist? It is to twist science to achieve the objective og mankind.They are working for the benefit of mankind like us.Can you tell me any one concept of science Which you can twist?
PowderMan: I have to develop twisting skills. Now its under my notice I will definitely develop twisting skills. Sir can you tell me better approach to develop twisting skills.
Professor: This is very simple. Early you start its better. If you do not start Early on twisting skills then you know slogan (Catch them young). Then you will never be able to develop twisting skills. Start with whatever you have in hand right now. Each time you do it you will get better.
Its all about repetition. See What you learned in University? Is it not repetition?
Whatever we give in notes same is asked in Exam? What do you think it develops in you?
PowderMan (after long speech i got chance to speak): sir subject knowledge.
Professor: You will never learn. If you write something which is relevant but we cannot develop any relativity towards it then you cannot get marks. So What we give in notes only that you have to write back in paper word by word? otherwise we cannot develop relativity towards it.(Theory of Relativity). The more you become relative to us the more marks you can get otherwise you can write anything which may be relevant. So you got you lessons.
PowderMan: Sir What?
Professor: Repetition. Keep repeating word by word exactly.Write same in Exam. you now we do not have time to read what is written in paper?. if it exact it easy to match. Any how? it is world of computer science? tell me is it is not Exact can computer understand.
if you replace word by some similar word its your own peril.
PowderMan: Sir Computer can use Artificial Intelligence to find similarity?
Professor: Okay then Why Computerized Exam have only objective question answer only in ( a, b, c, d) ? So it can look at repetition built inside it to match. Right or not.
PowderMan: Yes Sir Exactly. I will start improving Twisting skills ASAP.
Professor: If you do really well then Gobble prize committee (just a joke) is relative to us. We can get you anywhere but Can you handle that Twist it only Question you should ask yourself?
PowderMan: Sir I am enrolling myself in twisting classes. And off course it would be difficult for me to Twist So much.
Professor: The world works on Relativity as you know it fundamental principle of Physics can you deny that? See Leave The-Woes for now only focus on relativity. As you know cause and effect relationship. Relativity would lead you there.
PowderMan: Sir I only wanted to understand The process being in news.
Professor: The-woes will remain woes but What is your concern is not our or their concern otherwise Theory of Relativity could be applied in it. And There is Constitution Which helps us finding relativity. if there is no relativity we cannot do anything?
Powderman: Sir, Then Why there are subjects like jurisprudence which keep improving the process of rule making in the Constitution. Its basically to bring what is not relative to bring it in Relative-ness? So it for the missing Aspect can be taken up and included in The rules,law , process, procedure etc.

What people of India Ask to its Government? Why Economic parameters are so bad?

Hard Fact About present Indian Economy. Lecture Should be backed with Fact
not Coverup by Speeches……….

1- India has worst Debt/GDP ratio among all the developing countries. (67.7%)
2-India has worst Austerity measures -5.3 budget (only country among developing countries other than pakistan(which we know is going through a internal war) discounting pakistan India has worst parameter
3- India needs to improve data collection capability for Job aspect.
4- Inflation 6.16 % is worst in all of countries (Excluding countries under war like egypt)
5- GDP growth rate india is now 6th in Asia (behind iraq, malasia, indonesia, philipines, china) and 9th in world. (Which is Shock considering india got so much FDI, reforms, and per capita is almost lowest in Asia).
6- Current Account Deficit is 4th worst in world. and actually double of where it should be (- 4.6) sustainable level where it would not affect Rupee downfall in (2-2.2 %)
Even Country under War have 2% account deficit.
7- Does Corruption is reduced in India? Do people on ground feel like this in India…Then What is ?Use of RTI when people cannot be prosecuted.
8-India is Ranked 61 in World on various Economic parameter.
9- accumulated Trade deficit last 10 yrs is almost 1.5 trillion dollar (This money could have been used to build infrastructure in country) Trade_deficit_india_04to12Now Compare this with Any BRIC or developing world Not even Once we had Trade surplus but Each of these countries had trade surplus at least 2-3 times in 10 yrs
Non of developing world has so much deficit as India Has .
Where is comparison? From What should we compare 9th in Asia in Tourism, in world despite iron and coal reserve not even 1 company in top 10 compare china has 35 in top 50. same is in banking, in oil companies, in maritime , port parameters, per capita income of country just 1 dollar more than afgannistan per day basis
People of country Ask What is happening in country is there any war going why parameters are so bad?
Bombay per capita income: 5.47 dollar per day
Afghanistan per capita: 3.28 dollar per day
Is it Very Great performance parameter ? Is there Some war which is going on in India in Cities? Why per capita in not growing at least to level of not war torned countries?
Do people have no right to Ask this Question? What you want to do in future is no one can see that What was done in past ? Why after 60 yrs of peaceful coexistence india is not developing despite having all resources?
1.5 trillion dollar trade deficit see picture below…

The Concept of Jungle University

Sprawling Campus filled with Green Grass grounds and Tree surrounding Buildings situated away from town inside the Jungle.
There are small rivers Even Lush green small mountain inside the University.
Better Utilisation of Infrastructure: 
Jungle University has variety of animals those can be domesticated kept near to Campus the More aggressive ferocious one one kept little away but more importantly also away from river otherwise they can run away.
Self Sustainable University – Highly Employable – least cost
The Grounds are filled with domesticated Animals like cows, pig and sheep.
When Student leave Campus Cows and other animals can occupy the University Building for Night stay.
Every morning staff will brings cows from different departments to ground and tie to trees on ground with long rope as they can make large circle around trees and graze whole day No need of grass cutter.
Why I am saying from every department ? because more nearer animals are to there consumer the less time is wasted in moving to and fro.
Advantage and Skill set:
So much grass land and building remain under utilized can be avoided.
Healthy Life: instead of Cost Chemical Drinks after Every lecture professor can get fresh milk from cow outside department without wasting time.
milking cows                                           Picture: Professor Milking Cow
Skill Set: and upskilling
Off course some upskilling would be required to learned under supervised environment how to milk cows.? But its handy skill set and its important for sustainability of life.
Also like how to cut animal for meat like Butchering skills ? Its not difficult and hence its easy can be taught easily. (supervised learning would be essential here)
Trees would not be use-less tree but instead fruit trees inside university like strawberry trees. Mixer would be inside every room. Now After every class professor can take few strawberry and milk cows just outside his/her department and use mixer to make strawberry shake.
Motto of Up-Skilling School: Any Skill if good is good for life.
(Most important word here in Any Skill ) it reflect equal opportunity.
Hence Name of School/department: Any Skill School
Problem come with opportunity:
If professor decides today that he is going to have beef or chicken or pork today. then one person cannot Eat whole animal.
Then there would be voting website Every morning where professor will vote there preference for today. So suppose today there are 20 vote for a particular animal then that animal can be cut.
Now next problem : Who among 20 professor will cut animal? As you know its easy skill and its already taught by Any Skill School.
For that There would be Arbitrator/Counsellors: to Decide who will cut today in case of dispute.needless to say Con sellers are highly trained in Psychology and counselling. So they can understand Psychology of professor coming for dispute and give them guidance.
Off-course medical Leave is allowed if professor does not want to cut or hounded by others and not in right mood to cut animal.
Typical Scenario:
Think 20 professor assembled in ground to cut animal. Each one is saying its your turn to cut today the one pointed replying not me its your turn. There would be comments you lazy professor it your turn he/she says i do not want to cut today. Some may skip this meeting in room come late taking shelter of argument Oh i slept or got nap in room.
Outsider passing by would Say: These sleep dwarfed professor cannot do any work.
In say 365 days atleast 60 incidents have happened like this out of those almost 50 went to Counsellor/Arbitrator. Even Counsellor are weary of taking any new incident which comes to them. Then there is powerfull VC who would pass info to counsellor to protect there confident professor who bring them share of meat or Strawberry shake for free.
There is nothing wrong in it Since VC is always busy and has no time for cutting or milking.

Mood Swing And Laziness
After lots of incident like this last year University decided that security agency would be hired to look into life of each professor to see whether they are actually sleeping or not. Also They have decided after prolonged thought that Even needed to look at there life a home because how can they decide professor is disturbed today from home or not? in the case of arbitration When he/she says “I am disturbed and not cutting/milking today”.
So it is perfectly valid since a decision can be arrived at which was not possible otherwise.
Also By This if anyone Claims Mood swing then it can be investigated by the agency Whether Mood swing was for real or it was made up for giving reason.

Problem #2: Since University is self sustainable and surrounded by Jungle. The Aerated drinks do not reach University.
University Circular: decision To self-make drinks in Chemical Lab
So it was decided Every one would be given access to Chemical laboratory to create Drinks for themselves Any How it not difficult problem or skill set to master. Since Last 60 yrs these drink exist in market so nothing breeding Edge or cutting Edge about it.
Patent Principle:NUN: Novelity-Utility-Non Obviousness
There was no novelty in it and it was prior knowledge, off course there is lot of utility in these  as drink made are self used for drinking, Every thing here is Non-Obvious.
So it was decided That These Drinks would not be patentable.
So It was Easy to Make most popular drinks which were available in market can be made inside chemical lab and with water from river flowing nearby. (Self sustainability can be achieved)
Risk With falling from Tree while pricking strawberry was very costly for University So University decided to Outsource this to known vendor specialized in the area. If any professor breaks his bone while taking strawberry in hurry it would be loss of classes to students and medical cost etc etc. Then there was emotional aspect also about there family might storm University asking (What kind of University do you Run?) So This was Top priority item to make University Risk Awarse. So diversification of Risk was also achieved as any incident no instead people storming to one party(University) they have another option of the Vendor(Which was relatively Easy option to storm since Vendor are usually approachable to Family and vendor are not stakeholder in University So there aggression can be curbed rather from inside). And Damage might be irr-repairable able if discontent is from inside rather than outside.
This Principle is Called Any-How principle Of University: And one of guiding principle for most of the policy decided within University. It would come to Rescue almost every time and any time to any Topic  for University (Since University was not accountable to anyone for Anything in general)
Other word Which was used in University in Cross talk was “Rescue Principle”. Also called “two birds with one stone principle”.

Problem #3. As all these nutrition is good but it might cause obesity.
University has nice creative solution for that as Creativity was essential pillar of University Student To be traits. The Vast area around university Tree density was increase further to have better Oxygen for Animals as well student and professor. As you know Oxygen is brain fuel. Most Oxygen we and animal inhale is utilized by brain (almost 50% of total).
Brain fuel is important to keep animal as well human well behaved with proper flow of oxygen. Also Ferocious Animals needed thick cover to keep them inside the jungle which surrounded University. It was again like killing 2 birds with One stone.

Scenario #2: IT was such a healthy can see professor carrying bucket of milk milked from cow near University and strawberry from trees brought by staff from vendor as and when strawberry was needed.

There were Loins, Deer , beer , tiger , birds inside University. When Any one say Beer to not think he is talking about beer its actual Bear.
University Book of Rules and Regulation:
(Be Careful with your words was one slogan inside University As some beer were literate to understand few human words might hear you They have large Ear). It shows The influence of University in the Area and Human touch that Even bear were listening to lecture sometimes it was difficult/dangerous for humans to adjust though. It was perfect Example of Animal-Human Equity based Ecosystem.
So Read Care fully all Slogan inside University Rule of Book As any of those can come handy to you any time you are struck. But in actual situation it was not only handy but life saving Remedies inside Jungle University if you ignore its all at your own risk.(like say beer So Do not say Beer).
Note: Keep Reading Revisions for any new inclusions in Book Otherwise you know ( you may become history by any of new revisions not read Like Beer was new inclusion this month).

Coming Back to Obesity problem and need to Exercise: Creative Solution
University Circus Area:
it was newly developed area after lots of planning and thinking. It covered large area of Campus as it was bordering with jungle nearby you needed to be careful Also because University was away from City. Even There Were large iron pillars on entrance to direct people lost inside the jungle towards the Entrance of University. This was most watched Object inside University. Coloured meaning less flags were also put on these pillars so as it not confused with dried/dead tree. And to Everyone Advantage They were always flying this never causing confusion about Entrance.
The meticulous planning which was gone in creating University was never thought of anywhere due to this fact many institution/people were jealous with University.

Circus Was perfect medium to keep people healthy and also utilize resources upto potential. The Ferocious Animal Can Also be used in this way which was otherwise not possible.  The Extent of creativity inside circus was worth watching for hours.

The Most Powerful Rule 2.4.5 #from University Rule Book
It was decided By University Board in Annual General Meeting  that person Who

Needless to say Everything inside the area was controlled by University including business in and around and employability of student there in around.The Referral by University was considered Death warrant hence student would anything for it. ¬†It was in rule and regulation That Like Nike slogan : “Just Do it ” (embedded meaning at your own risk).
The Nike Shows therefore were hardly numbered. These Embeded meaning Concept was a novelty which brought to table new skill set to students “To decode to Coded Rules”.
Just focusing itself on this problem alone would have made you quit outstanding student in the competitive world outside. The University proud itself of its intelligent student who could decipher the near impossibility to normal person.
You can well understand situation of students who were really trying hard to pass these embedded tests. The real test were not difficult for them as compared to these and this is where University Excelled beyond comparison by making student life harder and harder by embedded test ¬†not real test The Real intelligence of Student Came out without they are being aware that its coming out. In Today’s World This Real Intelligence was most important thing for Employers which attracted many Big Companies even in remotest part of the world to rush immediately towards University ASAP the Students are available.
you can see hardly any company in world and any country of the world from where these institutions were Rushing towards The University. The rush was so much that University has to Erect Camps/tents inside Jungle for Recruiter on Recruitment Fair. The Fair was Called “Jungle Safari”. The population of the Area would triple around recruitment season.
It brought Extra pressure on local population and City had High Employment due to this fact. See if University is top Employer Automatically City Will become Top Employer this was logical. There cannot be scenario where City had high unemployment and University become the highest employer.
So You can Easily find if there is high Unemployment in City Whose responsibility or what was the primary cause.
So To Keep the people from rising against popular thinking University had Most powerful Rule:
Rules No
3.5.1 From Rule and Regulation Handbook: (Kindly read more details at University site though there is a caveat #1 )
“If anyone calls(rumour) themselves Powerful or rumoured by others Somebody(group least 10 people) called anyone powerful then it becomes necessary fr them have to prove it despite there will”. It
3.5.1 a )How to make people prove it?
Rule was very Simple: “The person would have to present him/her in front of loin/Tiger inside the cage in Circus”
The Skillset needed to control Loin/Tiger Would be provided by ANY SKILL department?
Some times there can be mistake : Any Skill may become MAny Skill.
Mind you it not Many? its M + Any? or put in simple word M of the Any skills.
So any of these unkonwn M or ‘n’ skills can be employed to stop you from completing the Task of controlling loin (Ring Leader).
Who is Ring Leader? University after long effort of years had provided training to some professor to Become Ring Leader. It was not Easy Task to skill professor as Ring Leader you can Easily understand this Why?
This Skill set Was quite rare.(Professor + Ring Leader). Ring Leader between dancing loins in circus. This was USP (Unique Selling Proposition) Why?
Have you heard Dancing loin any where? It was only possible in cartoons but this was first time that it was made reality by consistent Effort of University Research Wing(Which keeps searching for new things like this).
Its Easy to see standing loin but dancing loin was very difficult considering the agility of loin and reflexiveness. This has made University place of choice for Researcher’s as prospects as it was easy now to search around new things around it and Thus complete the papers.
Have you heard Travelling Salesman problem  or Assignment problem? Can you implement this assignment of rings to dancing loins? it was very Easy here.
It was very important that you are selected by Ring Leader Professor because otherwise All loins are controlled by ring leader and it will become difficult for you get any task done by loins.
The Steps of Dance of loins was also cryptographic puzzle till it comes to you then you will understand that they are doing RUMBA or Salsa or ( not to be disclosed).
Actually problem was not That they are Rumba but it was to fix whether it was Rumba only (can you understand). Any how its called Cryptography. If you can understand this then it would have been English language or Any Language.
Due to limitation of space and time only this thing can be disclosed right now. Others will be disclosed when task will be completed.
Any How ? Coming back to Dancing loin. So Training to complete this task between Dancing loins and Ring leader can be provided Any How? (Do you relate Any How? principle or Killing 2 birds with 1 stone principle )
Let me Remind you. Risk Awarse Principle. Principle was If you think Risk is large make many people party to it thus you can diversify the risk and become Risk Awarse. This is also coincidently basic principle of Risk Management.
By this way any amount of Risk can be handle only thing is to identify as many people on whom risk can be put.
Since The Jungle is quite a controlled space So it can be Achieved. Moreover The initiator not only identifies the new people on whom risk can be put but also convince them that it is Risk.
Leave This Topic that whether it is Risk or Not? That was Question No one would think because no one is bothered its Risk or not as long as it can be diversified.
Also This question Whether it is Risk or Not? Will consume 30 minutes but if diversification of risk can happen in 1 minute per person Why to waste 30 minutes.
Since it was Easy to identify any one new to the Jungle.
Any how? City was little away from the Jungle and its influence.
The Ring Leader Professor was Quite a important employee for University. So University would always listen and oblige to Ring leader professor? I think you can Understand Why? …Why ?
because As he controlled most ferocious loins in Jungle. Can Anyone Risk loin?
if Anyone Risk loin then his position would be same as position of person under un-willfull test. A Test Whose Dancing loin format is also not fixed and you have to co-ordinate.
Let see : you started steps assuming it Rumba suddenly it changed to Salsa so you need one partner means u fail. you make some thing it changed to Hip Hop Then to locking and poping then to some other.
The problem is how long you keep changing on changing platform controlled by administrative Ring Leader. Even you successfully do then you will run out of time. Even if you take task to home the dancing loin comes with it.
Can you understand Why is called Most Powerful Rule Under Handbook of Rules and Regulation
Any How? Everyone is happy in Jungle. The Jungle is surviving with the University. The Jungle University is Now up for interesting time as people are becoming more integrated with City life.
Still I will say there is nothing Healthy like in Jungle University. ūüôā
Can you Really provide more healthier space than this?
Even drinks are manufactured inside The self sufficiency of University is beyond doubt.
– Although I would say University gave task to professor Some years back to produce drinks like paepsi/Kola. Which Were quite old drinks since last 60 yrs but They have not yet come back with any similar looking drink? If you have seen then kindly point to me so I can check it. A well known old technology but yet people get confused Why not yet manufactured in the healthy/stress free Environment like in Jungle University.
Any How? it is managed ..(you should be knowing how? you know Hint: Any How?
If University needs to grow means jungle needs to grow then where will city Go?
The Future OF Jungle University is Bright Since There would not be any Ring master professor anywhere, there would not be any student equivalent anywhere, there would not be similar skill sets available anywhere? Lets keep Spirit Up and keep University growing…..
I am closing now. May be I will write second part of it?

No need to grow Emergency Moustaches only creativity No Austerity – Irish Economy

Little bit of creativity and No need of Austerity.
Under New Flat world multinational Company have to recruit talent from anywhere across the world if not here they can be recruited anywhere in world. If company does not do this then competitor will benefit. So Any country to cutting pie in this would loose.

Like suppose decision to bring Highly Highly Skilled people into country.
4,000 Experience IT professional Enter Every year with expected salary range 45,000 Euro
Study spend: 25,000 Euro.
Salary : 45,000
Income Tax: 13,000 Euro/year ( assuming 20% upto 32,000 and 50% above that)
Spending per year: @rate 1,000 euro Rent+Household. = 12,000 Euro.
So We get three basket
Government Revenue from Income tax: 12,000 euro (+indirect tax 10% of 17K~ 2K).
= 14K (G)
Personal benefit (P): 45K-13K-12K= 20K – Emergency Expenditure(5K)= 15K.
Local Economy  (L): 12K+5K= 17K. + 25K Education = 41K
So three basket (G,P,L) = (14K, 15K , 17K).
Total benefit to local Economy G+L: 14K + 17K = 31K. (with Education 56K)
Personal Benefit for Highly skilled: 15K.
For 4,000 people this amount will be:
Personal benefit: 4K X 15K = 90 million Euro.
Benefit to local Economy: 4K X 17K = 68 million Euro.
Tax to Government: 4K X 14K = 56 million Euro.
Total benefit to Local Economy G+L = 4K X 31K= 124 million Euro per year.
Considering Education Expenses in this= 4K X 56K= 224 million Euro per year.

Now these immigrants do not get any benefit for the taxes they pay like healthcare or jobless benefit etc so All benefit percolate to local population.
Its Well known fact Every IT job create 3-4 other secondary jobs in form of security, govt staff, housing, Food etc staff.
So 4K jobs create = 12K jobs (1:3) ratio. Actually it may go 1:5.
5 yrs 5 X 4/2= 10 , 12K X 10= 120,000 jobs
Power of compounding:
if people keep arriving Each year @ rate 4K then
Year 1: 225 million Euro.
Year 2: 450 million Euro.
Year 3: 675 million Euro.
in 5 years at rate of 10% compounding = 5 X 4/2= 5 X 225 million=
considering 5% inflation increase in cost and 5 % hike in salary increase in income tax.
5 % interest.
2.25 billion euro in 5 yrs.
Considering Compounding (1.1)^5 + (1.1)^4 +(1.1)^3 + (1.1)^2 + (1.1) = 6.71
(1.1)^4 +(1.1)^3 + (1.1)^2 + (1.1) = 5.1
(1.1)^3 + (1.1)^2 + (1.1) = 3.5
(1.1)^2 + (1.1) = 2.21
1.1 =1.1
Total Compounding:                                                                              18.62
5 years it would be 18.62 times= 225 million X 18.62= 4191 million Euro
or 4 billion Euro in 5 yrs
4 billion Euro Accumulated benefit to Local Economy without giving back any benefit to highly skilled immigrants.
At individual level:
Benefit to Highly skilled individuals P : 15K per year.
To Government and local Economy G+L= 31K per year.
At End of 5 Years considering compounding factor 18
Benefit to Individual in 5 yrs from work here (P) =15 X 18  =2,70,000
Benefit to local Economy from individual (G+L) = 31 X 18 = 5,58,000

Google Finally Has a NEST to Hatch Internet of Things

Google Recent Acquisition of NEST which make Thermostat and Smoke detectors.
Very intelligent Decision:
As These are devices/Things which is present in almost every home. Once These are Enabled for Internet of Things (IoT). The Market can be quickly reached compared to new devices to penetrate consumer Homes.
As Other products it can correlate data with Gmail, social network , search and other data stored in data centre. AI/Machine Learning algorithm can be run over it to understand Consumer Behaviour , consumer Psychology.
New inputs room temperature, city temperature, room lights, intensity of lights to Algorithm can Achieve better targeting of advertisements and other meta data understanding.
Then There are IoT using IPV6.

Eaten TV from partly Eaten Apple Part -2 Artificial Intelligence Algorithm

Read : IPTV and Augmented Reality using Artificial Intelligence.

AI is there in many place like one area of AI Fuzzy Set there is already Fuzzy Transformation in SQL Server Integration Services since year 2010.
What it does Fuzzy logic Transformation achieve?
So when we match two records we do it by checking each alphabet using regular matches.
But when we use fuzzy logic it brings out similar sounding and combination matches although alphabet may not be same also it checks meaning is same. Even it can override spelling mistakes to get right results How?
Example Fuzzy logic in SSIS:
USA,us, united states – For country Any person can enter any of these combination.
Usually its taken up for Data cleansing.
If data is not cleaned using De-dup it may not show many of these records in result for matches.
But Fuzzy logic we use Fuzzy set from all records it creates fuzzy set of record with
Set A { ElementA, membershipOfElementA}
membershipOfElementA define in percentage terms the possibility of it being in the similarly grouped set.
{us,0.97} {united states,0.98} {usa,0.99} {united states of America,1} so we can set tolerance level to 3% then all of these matches are there in result.
code you can see at
SIRI:  Speech Recognition Search Which was introduced in iPhone long back takes speech.
Speech input to pressure sensor –> generate Waveform –> Then Compare wave form
That’s process but.
The Waveform may be amplitude modulated but yet same thing let suppose we say
Apple the Two Waveform compared may have boundary level aberrations which can be defined by membership function Then same result within same Tolerance limit can be deemed to be similar. This membership can be calculated each time person do a search dynamically when it says something in on Mike which repeat same process again.
There can be lots of image processing and AI search algorithm can be built to make better.
Like A* search etc.
Already if the words are linked can be understood by Neural Network. Similar way Neural Network is used to predict The  traffic congestion aggregating data paths from street light sensors in japan Tokyo.
Aggregation of words can be achieved by neural Network in not exact but similar way to some Extent. Thus completing the search.
This aggregation may be used in text, covariance matrix of images or covariance of sound score or speech search.
Using Laplace Transform’s Cross correlation. Read (¬†512px-Comparison_convolution_correlation.svg
Now TV is large platform just like difference between watching movie on laptop or TV Vs on 70 mm screen. Each of those has there own market.
Costly Miniaturisation
What effect you can provide on TV may not be provided on mobile until there is technical break through in miniaturisation. I am not saying it cannot be provided but it will require relative less technical  break through compared with miniaturized chips or may be less costly.
Second TV is like we have last mile connectivity in Telecom.
So When you have something to watch in any storage device you can just throw that on TV Ubiquitously . As TV would be there in every house so you need not carry screen to watch. Just like Last mile wireless connectivity using HotSpot.