Fastest Train:Bombay to Delhi in 5 hrs High Speed Train AND save (140 billion dollar)

Bombay – Delhi in 5 hours high speed train? Train Is most Important medium of national Integration. Tomorrow people can work in Any Indian city yet travel back to home on week end to extreme corners on India in 6 hours max. All captials should be joined with delhi and with metros like quadrilateral using high speed train.
It’s Wonderful to see china is running 27 high speed train (300 kms per hour) since 2010.

While In India Avg speed of high speed long distance train Like AP Express divide distance/hours it takes comes around avg speed 55 kms per hour. it takes approximately 29 hours from Delhi to Hyderabad. While if similar long distance train in china takes about 5.5 hours.

Can you Imagine our train take almost 2 days for which international standard is just one evening 5 hours.? How much backward we are now in basic necessities. In China most people who travel in these train are worker because they want to save time to work more.. So this argument in India its not what common man wants is self defeating.

Why I quote china? because india and china are similar country with similar population and similar problem and also in exist is same part of world. India should learn from china.
Its huge saving to nation:
25 million passengers travel In India:
avg Indian train speed: 55 Kms per hour Which is almost same as was after Independence. So nothing has Improved in terms of speed. Railway shows data of shatabdi express running 130kms per hrs for just 5% of its journey between two railway station but when we take total distance between start of journey and Ending station divide by time it  takes.
Average is still 55 kms per hour.
Dilemma of Indian Train System:
In this age people are talking about 600 kms per hour and India is still at 55 kms per hours.
Moreover its still plagued by huge corruption. Even after paying full money sometime people cannot sit in there seats.
Calculation Showing savings to Indian Economy and Common Man
We take long distance travel of 500kms +
Standard Avg spped long distance travel: 300 kms per hour.
Indian train Speed :
55 kms per hour.(we take it as 50 for easy calculation)
300: 50 ==> 6:1
going with ration For each hour of travel using present system we replace with modern system we save 6 hours time. saving is 6-1 = 5 hrs for Each hour of travel
a. Total travellers on Indian rail: 25 million daily. ………………………..(A)
b. We take avg hour people take to travel: 12 hours. ……………………(B)
c. per day work hours: 8 hours …………………………………………………….(C)
d.present saving per hour: 1 hour of travel 5 (6-1) hrs saving. ………………(D)
per day saving in hours :  a X b X d =25 million X 12 X 5
= 1500 million hours per day.
for a year this figure will be multiplied by 365
= 365 X 1500 million hours.
= 347500 million hours  ………. for whole year (E)
In terms of rupees per hour wage rate : per capita income per day 0.40 dollar per day
(1249 / (365*8) )= 0.40 dollar per day………….(F)
Multiply E and F= Total dollar saved per year:
= 347500 million X o.4
= 347.5 billion X 0.4
= 139 billion dollars…………………………….(G)
Total saving per year to economy and common man = 140 billion dollar

So total saving per year is approximately 139 billion  dollar per year by switching to high speed train. And it directly translate to higher income to common man.


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