Tourism Sector India : 100 billion dollar opportunity untapped (calculation)

Fallacy of foreign tourist travelling to India:
Calculation: Let say there are 1000 people in country.
Emigrated portion of population outside is 10% = 100 people
out of those Only 10% travel back home to see other family: = 10% of 100 = 10 people.

10 is 1% of 1000. So Emigrated population travel back home with family and friends = 1%.
(Let suppose).
Population In India: 1200 million: so 1% of this 12 million.
But what is actual numbers of people travelling to India. = 6.6 million
So We can say actually there are no tourist coming to India it is only Emigrated people travelling back that also by well short of 12 million with just 6.6 million people coming to India.

Compare India with rest of Asia is really pathetic tourism figures
See India is rank in Asia India is ranked below Even Cambodia Which upto 1980’s was under war Environment. Hard-working people of Cambodia and its govt has done really well in short time.
India was never under any such scale of war where whole areas were destroyed still India could get only 6.6 million tourist. (which is infact Indian travelling back). as we seen in calculation.

The Natural Tourist places Advantage India:
– India has one of top three highest mountain On India nepal border Kanchanjanga.
– One of the largest cost line in world with different variety of beaches.
– 1200 types of cultural diversity region (calculation below)
– big desert in rajasthan to highest ran fed region in cherapunji, tea to coffee gardens.
– Historical buildings: like Taj Mahal, 1000 forts, Ancient Architectural marvel in temples and other places.
– Food (1200 variety of foods )
– more that 12 variety of classical dances, music.
– 4 different Kinds of martial Arts in Kerala, pun jab, Manipur.
Problem is these facility are not provided in proper manner Each of these attract tourist.
Today many people travel just to learn martial art and music so they can teach back in there country. There should be facility for all of these in all states in India.
Calculation for arriving 1200 types of culture India:
Distance: north to south: 4000 kms X 3400 kms (west to East).
Every 100 kms X 100 kms piece in India Food and culture changes. if we apply this
we get 40 X 34 =1200 approx types of totally different food and culture and historical places… Non of these Exist Anywhere in Asia BUT STILL INDIA IS 9th in Asia.

Tourism Is actually we can say Government saver. Ultimately its highest employment generate.
And it brings Forex in Kitty as well. Its flow helps to develops infrastructure.
Any state which does well in tourism naturally does well in infrastructure,education with exposure of people, employment etc…

Size of Opportunity when we look at India:
– as per calculation above 12 million India emigrants.
– International tourist arrival: 50 million approx.(considering these facilities discussed above are not available any where in Asia. highest arrival in Asian country 50 million).
Total: 66+ million tourist from present 6.6 million tourist. Which is ten times the present arrival.
In money Terms:
Travel within India + hotel+ food in India for Each tourist = 1000 dollar.
This means its size can be 66 million X 1000 = 66 billion dollars (suppose approx) earning in Forex by conservative estimates.


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