Vision Vs Execution

Vision and execution cannot be has to think ahead
..execution has to think immediate…
Like execution vision also require time and effort and thinking of much greater scale..

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The Mission Statement and Vision statement are aligned with strategy chosen like Peter Drucker cost Leadership strategy. But besides there is product vision which also align with strategy but many disruptive technology make new rules as when break through is reached it continuous process.
Cutting or Leading Edge technologies also strategy gets refined as stages are reached it continuous process. E.g. would be success of iPod driven Apple to rethink and bring back iPod to refine or improve strategy in History.
Today we see Microsoft changing its device vision as market gets inundated by Mobile devices haves good processing power and can process more in Background in Cloud using Compute services available on cloud. Desktop OS sales are not growing as quick and Mobile OS sales. It has been caught earlier by Google Andriod and Apple iPhone. So they have early mover advantage.. So Strategy and product vision are disruptive and keep refining as we proceed.
Day to Day Execution issues are different from after 5 yrs vision although once u are neck deep in it you can realize what is going to come.
Can you say what ? how? When? Where ? we do things now will be same in future. Then can daily toil on task can set future vision ? But surely on u know fundamentals you know directions.
its like road to a hill station you are following to reach the peak. You cannot know its optimum till you cannot see from the top. When you are viewing from top many ways more efficient stands out. Its same called vision.

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