Attracting investment in Hotel Industry can bring most jobs in Ireland.-picture proof

2013-12-06 08.08.18

Tourism is world biggest employer. And Hotels are prime requirement. By attracting investment in Hotel government burden of developing section of land is also reduced as well the beautification creates job and brings more tourist. IDA here must be doing that but There are many good scenic locations where no Hotel Exist all around country at least some places which i see online and offline.

2013-12-06 07.11.17

Have a look at this pictures Camera was not good otherwise may have been much better as visual proof that this location does attract tourist. (these are less there can be many locations u can see look of city improve with Hotels) But I was really amazed that this is not priority here right now at least when i saw one speech last night.

2013-12-06 08.09.04
Most underutilized sector in Ireland remains Farming (milk/meat production) 2nd Tourism and hotel industry (which exist but can expand further).
I went around Limerick city to see best looking places which every tourist will look at.

Most places I found were around the Hotels due to decorations by hotels…

.Attracting investment in Hotel industry in all location city or top of hill in village can bring jobs and lots investment in Ireland.

Limerick city pic around biggest hotel in city... Hotels at right location is what attract tourist..

Limerick city pic around biggest hotel in city…
Hotels at right location is what attract tourist..

Hotel clarion and Hotel its impression on largest river shanon in country 2013-12-06 07.23.02

after look at these pictures read best sector to invest in ireland
2013-12-06 07.24.56

Ireland attracted 8 million overseas tourist..which is really good figure..
if two things are done it can attract more….
City area are beautified by presence of Hotels.if rules are relaxed in hotel investment
and spots picked up by tourism ireland can suggest them to construct even out of city…
1. 2 session Intake in University and colleges… also its good for local business.
2. trade concession to Hotel industry to attract investment…
3. More cycling routes towards mountain and around river in cities
cycling can attract lot of tourist should be advertised in ..Night cycling…
Attract Investment in Adventure sports.. like paragliding down hill in Limerick hill nearby..
– River experience to visitors using private operator rowing… Here I could not see this in limerick city hence i thought of writing to you.

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