Pathetic State of Economic project Execution- ways to take forward

suppose if there is problem in while signing due to recent scam: Easist solution create a regulator of sector which expert mandate to expedite exeution and Ease of rules…

Pathetic state of execution of projects in country
Solar Energy India produces 1800 MW only while as only 1 state is focussing there While country which have 1/10 population like pakistan target similar production..
while similar population size china installed 8,000 MW.
there is not even single concentrated solar power centre in India.

Not Even single University in top 700 list of institution only 5 institute have entry which teach only engineering Would India not need economist, historian, sociologist etc…
— Medical college charge 1 million bribe for admission..due to shortage of medical colleges in country..
— Not even 1% of foreign education seeking student come to india for education.

Avg speed of train travel in india is 55 km per hour for long distance train travel.. Which is almost same as it was in 1950. While for 1500 km distance train world is moving on meglev/bullet trains 350-500 kph… Why not connect all metros with high speed train link… round delhi-bombay-bangalore-chennai-hyderabad-kolkatta-delhi… contionous 300kph..
Delhi to mumbai in 5 hours..??
many state still not have rail network like uttrakhand,north east..
17% of world population not even single air hub or port in top 20 ports of world.
Not even single Steel company in top 10 (despite huge coal and iron deposit)
Out of major 100 steel producers india just 5 while compare with china has 55 entries.. (its not competition but people basic necessity should be met)
tourism: despite have best locations in the world with range from desert to snow filled mountains and glaciers, isolated sun fed blue water island beaches like lashkdweep, anadman nikobar, North- east world highest rain fed region, history , building culture music, food … we do not attract 1% of global tourists.
Food : learn how Mainland china resturant are no present in every part of world selling delicious chinsese food with proper methods and centralized R&D support..
Indian food here is sold by pakistanis ..which actually did not even know indian taste.
every 100 km in India food changes by that measure we have (1500 km X 1500 km india land) 15X15= 225 total different types of food altogether but noting is done to create a company which can set resturant and sell authentic Indian food worldwide..
same with aurveda, Allopathy medicine, homepathy etc…


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