Effort Estimates For Project on Toss due to Hacking……

Can n’t I protect yes I can but I need admin privileges within University system Or personal PC re-install can format everything…

I will not be able to finish project until those hacking activity stops. That is reason last 2 month i m at 80% complete status. but since then every time OS kernel parameters changing … making me to look for details in device files..
So My task :
1. Look into wireless sensor network implement routing algo. Done 2 month back..
2. implement crypto. Done 2 month back..
3. getting data using unix code from oscillator …. already present…
4. measuring imperial measure of each mote while its in routing …. way exist…
But these work in execution stage failing due changing OS internal parameters by some person with admin access in University…
On my personal PC given to student for help in turn they uploaded this code to create admin user and have access from outside using DLL wireless Windows driver API.
5.Improvement in existing system using mathematical modelling … done 1 month back.
6 (addition) proposed New Routing Algorithm , new Model in addition done
7. Tech Used Wireless sensor network OS, WSN hardware, NessC, and 16 others non related to Unix device driver programming…
Then is any user having Linux admin comes in having acess within university Network and changes setting in OS.. Everytime I had to investigate and correct it…
Where is time to work on rest 20% execution part although more 40% is now additional things added up… so project is already at 120%.. with 20% its 140%…
but that 20% if i have to repeat daily where is percentage reach to?

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