Near Field communication NFC as next wave of technology among many contenders? What you should know about it?

NFC near field communication technologies usage in Mobile world in not a new buzz now. Its has been there last

Mobile Money, Mobile

ATM alternate small money transaction

Ticketing: Air/train/concert/sports or any kind.

Access Systems: College/University access Card, NFC posters

What makes NFC hot is its range? interestingly its just 10cm range which unlike other teach looking for more range here lesser range makes it more interesting.

Take a case as example: Think suppose you have a ticket saved into a chip which can transmit data wirelessly to reader..Now if we use Bluetooth : it can read from 10 moment someone is near to 10 cm to out door of railway station will open door..moreover till he covers this distance it will remain open.. Moreover many people around means door will remain open always…off course that can be controlled programmatically but this is where NFC comes Exactly untill u bring in near to 10 cm range gate will not open.. So automatically tail-gating can reduced….

This precise 10 cm range which makes it interesting and hot…

Components of NFC:

Wireless tag: Active/passive: a small chip surrounded by magnetic coil so when and Electromagnetic waves producing device like Mobile comes closer it generates current and energy enough to power chip attached which can be used to store program,data (text, url, etc.) .

Samsung TecTile target smart Tag market but no vendor supporting it currently:
Samsung with Galaxy S3 launched tech tile coil small tag at rate 3 dollar per tag. But as we tec tiles supported MiFARE chips which non of other vendor like Microsoft, Google Nexus , Blackberry etc does not support only Galaxy S4 have support for it..

But Non MiFARE chip tech based NFC tech on Mobile is supported by most vendors.
other TAG like

Look at top NFC running projects map across the world:    click on country an city to know more details of number of NFC projects running in your city/country… (feel sad: only 1 in India :< 😦 ) , 1 in Ireland, 5 in London city alone
ead more details on the link above.

One Project looked interesting to me was :

NFC tags are much widely used across chipset and tag vendor giving fillip to OpenNFC. visit(

customize NFC using
1. Besides NFC Adapter available within Andriod API (
2. Windows Mobile (latest acquisition Nokia’s Lumia NFC API visit:,
3. Blackberry NFC API
. Motorolla NFC API:

The data Exchange Format NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) introduced here in :
In short NDEF message have NDEF record and payload. Start header bit MB message begin and End at ME message End.IL is identification CF chunked fragment and Type field defined in RTD specifications TNF.

Competing NFC technologies:
use optical not electromagmatic field.
unlike NFC contactless is contact technology.
Touch a Tag:
RFID based Tag.

Top sites to learn more about NFC:

Pathetic State of Economic project Execution- ways to take forward

suppose if there is problem in while signing due to recent scam: Easist solution create a regulator of sector which expert mandate to expedite exeution and Ease of rules…

Pathetic state of execution of projects in country
Solar Energy India produces 1800 MW only while as only 1 state is focussing there While country which have 1/10 population like pakistan target similar production..
while similar population size china installed 8,000 MW.
there is not even single concentrated solar power centre in India.

Not Even single University in top 700 list of institution only 5 institute have entry which teach only engineering Would India not need economist, historian, sociologist etc…
— Medical college charge 1 million bribe for admission..due to shortage of medical colleges in country..
— Not even 1% of foreign education seeking student come to india for education.

Avg speed of train travel in india is 55 km per hour for long distance train travel.. Which is almost same as it was in 1950. While for 1500 km distance train world is moving on meglev/bullet trains 350-500 kph… Why not connect all metros with high speed train link… round delhi-bombay-bangalore-chennai-hyderabad-kolkatta-delhi… contionous 300kph..
Delhi to mumbai in 5 hours..??
many state still not have rail network like uttrakhand,north east..
17% of world population not even single air hub or port in top 20 ports of world.
Not even single Steel company in top 10 (despite huge coal and iron deposit)
Out of major 100 steel producers india just 5 while compare with china has 55 entries.. (its not competition but people basic necessity should be met)
tourism: despite have best locations in the world with range from desert to snow filled mountains and glaciers, isolated sun fed blue water island beaches like lashkdweep, anadman nikobar, North- east world highest rain fed region, history , building culture music, food … we do not attract 1% of global tourists.
Food : learn how Mainland china resturant are no present in every part of world selling delicious chinsese food with proper methods and centralized R&D support..
Indian food here is sold by pakistanis ..which actually did not even know indian taste.
every 100 km in India food changes by that measure we have (1500 km X 1500 km india land) 15X15= 225 total different types of food altogether but noting is done to create a company which can set resturant and sell authentic Indian food worldwide..
same with aurveda, Allopathy medicine, homepathy etc…

Effort Estimates For Project on Toss due to Hacking……

Can n’t I protect yes I can but I need admin privileges within University system Or personal PC re-install can format everything…

I will not be able to finish project until those hacking activity stops. That is reason last 2 month i m at 80% complete status. but since then every time OS kernel parameters changing … making me to look for details in device files..
So My task :
1. Look into wireless sensor network implement routing algo. Done 2 month back..
2. implement crypto. Done 2 month back..
3. getting data using unix code from oscillator …. already present…
4. measuring imperial measure of each mote while its in routing …. way exist…
But these work in execution stage failing due changing OS internal parameters by some person with admin access in University…
On my personal PC given to student for help in turn they uploaded this code to create admin user and have access from outside using DLL wireless Windows driver API.
5.Improvement in existing system using mathematical modelling … done 1 month back.
6 (addition) proposed New Routing Algorithm , new Model in addition done
7. Tech Used Wireless sensor network OS, WSN hardware, NessC, and 16 others non related to Unix device driver programming…
Then is any user having Linux admin comes in having acess within university Network and changes setting in OS.. Everytime I had to investigate and correct it…
Where is time to work on rest 20% execution part although more 40% is now additional things added up… so project is already at 120%.. with 20% its 140%…
but that 20% if i have to repeat daily where is percentage reach to?