Internet Of Things (IoT) Step by Step approach

We are going to discuss how can we create a Internet of Things based system practically.
——————————————————————————————If you want to know What is IoT (Internet of things) Read:
1. BPM and IoT :
2. Why IoT is paradigm Shift in Computing?
3. BPM cloud and IoT
4. How application development changes with IoT, Bigdata, parallel computing, HPC High performance computing.
————————————————————————————–How to get ready for Internet Of Things (IoT)
In IoT Things start communicating among themselves , using internet transacting with Supply chain companies , human resources on tacking, in retail for purchases limitless possibilities. Things cannot wire them selves so it has to be wireless. Things have to Sense and react hence sensors will be required.
So First thing you need to get upto task is developing and application which can sense. Coding sensor behaviour is most important then comes