Problems of Medical sector In India and solution

Medical sector in India is in ICU.
There are two learnings for Government policy maker from Medical History India.
First: Medical negligence stems from fact that there is Shortages of doctors in Economy. 2 Reasons for that
1. Cost of Medical Education due to capitation fees etc..
Which can only be brought down if Govt increase no. of Medical Seats each year..
Due to cost only few can afford and those afford want to make profit out of it quickly.
2. Due Shortage there is less competition and even when doctors are more .. then more rural Areas would be penetrated leading to universal healthcare…
Unless No of medical colleges in India increase every year . capitation fees will not come down.. and there would not be competition in market of monopoly….
those who monopolize it would be least bothered about consequences of there wrong treatment to patient.. (as its a monopoly and its nature buyer should take whatever available)
very university in india should start atleast 1 university medical college and 1 private.

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