Calculations for Foreign Education (4.7 yrs Required to Earn back you spent)

Actually Education benefits company and the country where you work more than you see accumulation of taxes over the years: After 4.7 yrs of (Education 1.5 + work 3.2 yrs ) you can start Earning again.

Calculations: In addition to income tax, 22% tax on spending you have done.(detail see link below)

last scenario best case you are back to zero but company got better labour country got Income tax: 11,000 X 3.2 = 35,200 as taxes. (All taxes goes into benefit of local economy)
Tax on spending @22.5%= 0.225 X (7,200 X 3.2) = Euro 5184.

Total Tax amount paid to government after 3.2 yrs of work= 40,384.
What you have in pocket after 3.2 yrs  of spending and working hard= Zero.
So after 3.2 yrs of work + 1.5 yrs Education: practically you will start Earning.
Only 4.7 yrs after.
For Details you can see: