Lessons In Life: Life is and never will be fair continue your work (leave rest to God)

It is possible that you are in college and those guys coming to you for help may get better marks because all is situational lot of factors goes into it.
It may be possible that you are working on project where there is no help environment is outdated, help files itself required revisions, platform is not stable , devices may not work as expected. But some other may get help from people who directly implemented in there previous project and finish it time without even without posting a single query on support site. ( And people around you made to wonder why is this guy delaying?) Although you are highest contributor to the support site correcting many help site link you wonder when many people on support asking similar query how these guy completed project without single posting.. Only 2 possibility got direct help from people earlier implemented project or may be genious brain where world over people asking query are like dumb for asking those questions..Although you have completed 90% of project but you are struck at last point for 2 months for no help. (In IT there is no one to help but you have to help yourself). But if you are in team may be you do it much faster.

Life is not fair get used to it – Bill gates

But always take lessons from experience and implement them in next chance you get.

It may be possible that due to bullying or whatever incident student was not able to attend classes or if senior may be lost interest in the subject. (it can happen to any human being).
It may be possible that environment

It may be possible that you are made to pay heavy rent so despite high cost you incurred you may be in miserable condition.
Expenditure by category education. It may be possible as the case here you have paid almost 3 times more rent and you were trapped by consultant painting rosy picture.Education_Expense_Education

That you are advised wrongly about doing part time jobs will spoil your chances since you have worked 10 yrs worked as Architect Earlier So working in different position may spoil your career chances. But as the case may be I never suffer from illusion: Every job is great and Every work is service of mankind.
It may be possible that you are surrounded by wrong guys who have just one motive to profit from every opportunity by doing all wrong acts or right acts.
It may be possible that you suffered alienation because you are perceived a different person ( created wrong impression by some person around you)and you are minority whereby you cannot do anything just listen to diktats.