BPM and its influence on Cloud: Infrastructure as service

Cisco, Microsoft and Neapp Jointly produced a system called opalis (Workflow) in 2012.

Data centre System process interactions can be configured depending on user need on Opalis and rules can be set up for those interactions. Read previous blog more about BPM and internet of things:

Opalis, Which essentially provide a workflow to dynamically create,monitor,deploy a Machine instance , allocate OS instance, (just like in Nebula, or Eucalyptus ) and User also can request (specific machine with RAM, CPU, storage space).
Microsoft provide all OS /software instance, Neapp provide SAN or and storage required on , Cisco provide Server , Nexus switches boxes.
ts integrated with Microsoft SCMM System centre Manager (used to creating private cloud on Microsoft technologies and a single User Interface to administer whole
Orchestration are discussed in previous blog in case of opalis its architecture llooks like this
opalis_orchestrationRead: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/hh420377.aspx
Read: opalis blog

Read: http://contoso.se/blog/?p=1665

If all exist then they can be configured using BPM workflow of opalis for a user.


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