Internet Of Things (IoT) Step by Step approach

We are going to discuss how can we create a Internet of Things based system practically.
——————————————————————————————If you want to know What is IoT (Internet of things) Read:
1. BPM and IoT :
2. Why IoT is paradigm Shift in Computing?
3. BPM cloud and IoT
4. How application development changes with IoT, Bigdata, parallel computing, HPC High performance computing.
————————————————————————————–How to get ready for Internet Of Things (IoT)
In IoT Things start communicating among themselves , using internet transacting with Supply chain companies , human resources on tacking, in retail for purchases limitless possibilities. Things cannot wire them selves so it has to be wireless. Things have to Sense and react hence sensors will be required.
So First thing you need to get upto task is developing and application which can sense. Coding sensor behaviour is most important then comes

Future of Web:More Processors+ more AJAX + more Web Services (flexibility Vs Security)

Since Asynchronous Javascript and XML (AJAX)  was introduced first time through xmlHttp Object in IE browers by microsoft. Since then Every browser and Website runs on AJAX not waiting for synchronous reply from the server before sending another request. Client got freedom to seen any number of request anytime without waiting for arrival of reply.
AJAX shifted Web development balance more towards web scripting languages like JavaScript and vbscript from Server centric world of Java/ASP/Servlet.
AJAX API have come into being like for about anything from Mapping API of google, Charting and UI provided by JQuery, and better UI through Adobe Flex API using Action script, ExtJS library.
Server centric world have more sifted towards interoperability of  Web services with WS-i ans JSR 21. For better utilisation of components written as web service can be consumed by any Java or .NET or COBOL or SAP or Oracle apps.
With web services defined by (WSDL) web services definition language And three components Service Broker, Service Requester, Service Provider interacting with Each other to Expose as web service not only comes interoperate but since all web service properties are in XML thus achieving portability to other platforms like Java web service can talk to .net web service passing property details in XML format.
Now if data fetched from databases in put into XML format. data Also become portable to and database you can take data out from oracle in XML and import to SQL server and so on..
PHP not only was first to popularize AJAX but also first to introduce Restful web services.
now instead of SOAP request to server the client sends SOAP over http thus web service request is just like URL. This provided lot of flexibility and security. As Earlier firewalls were made to intercept http header request but not SOAP header request. There were things like Schema poisoning, SOAP injection etc.. But today’s firewalls can track these all to details we want.
So front end AJAX API revolution  and server side moving towards restful web services. This Flexibility in AJAX also raised lot of Security concerns like cross site scripting (XSS) attacks, injection of javascript , (CSRF) Cross site Request Forgery and cryptographic security at web server services like JAAS Java authentication and authorisation API, (JCA) java cryptography API, similarly  .NET  Also have similar API.

With in few year code sifted more from server side to client side with AJAX, Json etc So from 90:10 ratio to present 60:40 the movement has be relentless. But it have been marred with all security concerns of code present at client side.
Now we Even have server side javascript as well with Node.js.
with Flexible scripting languages like DOJO which provides so many options as compared with plain javascript. And Now we even talk reverse way by which javascript function can
Usually user request through JavaScript to server side JSP/ASP/Servlet.
But in reverse way also through Java Web R emoting : JavaScript can use methods implemented in Server side code directly. can can request for data. while server also tightly coupled with client can refresh client code any time like Cricket score websites.
server can refresh the client with new code same way client can request new data and client javascript can use java server side functions directly using JWR.
ore and More code will move towards client with AJAX to Server code ration if 40:60 it will go to 50: 50 to may be 60:40.. As the number of chips available on client machine motherboard continue to increase with i7 being 1 master chip and 6 slave chips (its like tree of level 3.  so 2^(3-1) = 7 CPU..
In future there might be 23 CPU in your system so we can execute more code in parallel
Read how this will effect programming:

Telecom Technology Stack

For Enterprise class large projects Architecture frameworks like TOGAF are very important:
TOGAF: The Open Group Architecture Framework was adopted and adapted to E-TOM framework or Enhanced Telecom Operational Map (E-TOM) .
E-TOM has two essential layers which cover most requirement on Telcos
{Telecom companies include (TEM) Telecom Equipment manufacturer like (ZTE, Cisco Ericsson  , Telecom Services companies like ( vodaphone, O2 etc)}.
1. Lowest Level 1: OSS (Operational System Software) which include systems which interfaces with most devices like routers, base station, towers, etc Cisco routers, Base station BTE software, NOS (network operation planning software), Activation Software, 2G, 3G stack management, tower management.
2. Upper layer: BSS (Business System Software) Which includes Business Interfacing software like Oracle Sieble CRM (Customer Relationship management ), Billing software like from Amdocs,or oracle BRMS (Billing and revenue management  software)
MIS and BI Business Intelligence software like OBIEE, SAP BO, Cognos BI etc.
Mediation: Software mediating between multiple layers.
Now lets see like BT working on E-TOM. For software implementations
British Telecom (BT) use agile methodology of keeping inventory of requirements as low as possible to keep cost down and know defects early in life cycle and then more requirements (User Stories) can be taken for development , taken to testing in SIT system integration testing and once tested OK dropped into production.
Scrum meetings are regularly held , as release happen the Burn down charts are updated telling progress status.

BT having incorporated concepts in between like
use RFT (Right First Time) 90 % of the project taken up must be completed in correct specifications in right time.
Concept to Market (C2M):Bring Concept to market faster.
Lead To Cash: (L2C)
where a lead generated to Cash in hand cycles are (Opportunity, Quotation, Order, Delivery, Issue, Invoice) L2C cycles are captured in workflow and quickened.
SAP Order Management Of Lead to Cash workflow
SAP Order Management L2CWatch Demo of SAP Lead to Cash using SAP Business By Design.

3. Trouble to Resolve (T2R). : where Each Trouble which needs resolution is trapped in CRM for reviewing the work.
4. Cycle time: Each Cycle must be pro-actively reduced in time frame.
You can Read this more detailed matrix Architecture Overview of Vision goals

Read about TOGAF:
1. Comparison of Enterprise Architecture to Domain specific Architecture Roles :
2. Enterprise Architecture and Security.
3. Links:
Oracle Seibel:
Oracle BRMS:
Amdocs Billing software of the year:



Retail sector Innovations ,economics and Software

Retail sector has redefined they way goods are sold to customer. Sociology helps to decide where society is moving thus what possible product can be made for changing society preferences. Marketing just present those choices to potential customers. Sociology does play a front End to marketing. As be see behavioural Economics coming to for front to vindicate these facts last 2 decades.
Software innovation in Retail : from Retail Inventory planning software tracking inventory, to sensor and tags tracking goods through RFID, Retail non tactical , non structured management planning BI systems using SAP BO, IBM Cognos, Microstrategy BI, SQL server SSRS BI. look Manathan BI ( which is based on SSRS. Read details big data, retail andRFID:

Read How Software is Eating Retail:

As Philip Kotler defined 5C and 5P of marketing. 5P (product, promotion, place, price,People) and 5 C being (Custmer, Company, collaborator, competition, context)
Read future trends:
Read Book :
In Retail sector out of 5P (Place) is very important centrally located , easy accessible to potential customers place can act as magnet for pulling in customers to mall. Then (Promotion) free car parking ,cleaning, or less than cost ice cream at Mac Donald s to attract consumers. (Price) This is where Wall mart is very famous for keeping prices low by attracting many sellers on same floor competing with each other thus like perfect competition condition goods are sold almost at price of Cost of production and supply chain are kept at level of minimal inventory to keep cost down. Supply Chain side automations brings down cost as well more rotation of goods.
Like how P&G and Nestle maintain there Physical warehouses see products by this company
you can register a see complete movie how its done.
Like maintaining Go-down with efficient warehousing management and quick reordering based alert issued by sensor on shelf following the (Reorder-level). Thus one of the Cost leadership strategy given by peter Ducker.
just Read few thoughts by author:
Book:Drucker Management
here was a classic case : On Grass cutting company On account of being marginalized in perfect competition floor of  thus not able to achieve set price to by providing differentiated product said No to walmart
Read : Man who said No to Walmart
Retail moved a long was towards innovation last 2 decade from merchandising by experts and procurement experts dealing with suppliers always thinking about the assortment they need to present to customer entering the Mall. Tracking Eyeball of consumer picking up consumer behaviour to schedule the products related to each other in one shelf or in nearby place. Creating products variety is assortment planned so as to achieve variety and meeting matrix of operational efficiency of (price, quality, time  flexibility).
Any shopping mall place with promotion pulls up potential customer called prospect to store area. Then Each vendor has its strategy of luring in customer because once in the store and customer start spending then customer does not think much about cost also like mac Donald less cost ice cream example other Items does get ordered out of expected value a consumer may derive. The rational choice theory does also play important role. It has been Noble prize winning theory by prof Daniel Kahneman (2002) and Gary Becker (1992).  Read :
Consumer Behaviour is getting shaped by the behavioural Economics of Rationality which is inherent in our thinking process.
Not only does it help justify Stock behaviour it does tell consumer preferences after entering into store.
From the format of stores and their strategies
1. Retail Store: Super Store, department store , Hypermarts, discount store,
Read Strategy here :

2. Wholesale stores/Warehouse Club : for small vendor taking bulk orders at once. Like metro
These differentiation help to achieve variety and specialization and hence more premium is available in terms of not cost but volume.
Its like classical economics “Supply will create its own demand” Although its not much relevant but surely its in play say (10%) of cases. Because there are other factors as well which dominate its not sellers market its buyers market.

Status of Higher Education Abroad – an Indian Student prespective

Higher Education abroad is so much in mess created by consultants:
1. All Banks in India give loan based on world ranking published by local company. )
China has taken a step by creating its own world ranking so they have authentic information of ranking on university based on that bank can loan student for education for like top 500 or top 200 or top 300 institutions..higher its ranked currently in India easier it is to take loan currently in India.
There are other rankings of institution which are available like

2. Consultant are openly looting students by duping them to institute where they can get higher commissions.. for which Australia has taken few right steps by engaging government run department offices in consulate IDP directly counselling students ( )
3. People who suffer most are not having any direct contacts in those places..
Existing procedure
In India Every Bank does take These ranking into consideration and then put university in list of approved loanable university. One University is approved by the decision making branch of bank at national level then Based on these facts every nuke of country branches of bank can loan student based on these list.
There are more than 50 Banks in India each having more than 1000 branches all over India. so in total 50,000 branches in India loan based on Ranking ,stature , approved list of Universities of Each country to almost 10 million Indian student going abroad for education. But these days people are Questioning these ranking system stating that these rankings are biased towards certain factors But I still there would be alteast some facts true on these rankings. And hence the approval system takes this workflow into account.
— As bank also needs to look there loan is not turning out to be NPA so they take due diligence and does take many factors into consideration.

— Not only university but also country you are going is also taken into consideration.
Like I was actually asked this question on loan interview approval date.

TinyOS on Ubuntu 12.04 virtual box latest

Following Image in help site should be updated.
its deficient in following packages and still after that also not list not working
following packages missing
after comparing packages installed in working tinyos image and this image.
tinyos-2.1.0                         2.1.0-20090326
ii  tinyos-base                          2.1-20080806
ii  tinyos-required-all                  2.1-20090326
ii  tinyos-required-avr                  2.1-20090326
ii  tinyos-required-msp430

Follow these step as many packages are missing:
check package list $dpkg –list | grep tiny
We need to update all packages of Distribution to latest for this:
Step l : change the repository to point to latest.  edit using any editor gedit or nano               $/etc/apt/sources.list
add these lines after few steps you can follow as desribed in blog below:

deb lucid main

deb maverick main

deb natty main
Step 2: Update all packages of tinyos
$sudo apt-get update
step 3: install tinyos package
$sudo apt-get install tinyos
Step 4: $sudo apt-get install tinyos-2.1.2
You can use these instruction for fresh installation but since image is deficient in the packages you can use these you can follow these steps

Additionally here if motelist is failing due to some malware or virus trying to umount your devices list you can follow these instruction. or there may be other reason as well.

On TinyOS if Motelist is not working

first diagnose using.

diagnose using command
$ dmesg -s
you can see messages what is causing problem.


For motelist not working download motelist source code.  

googlecode+ tinyos+motelist

Check the mount structure for
As from previous version 8 of last image to Ubuntu 12.4 the directory structure is changed little bit  hence last version directory required should be copied to new directories
check $mount all mount structure
then if there is duplicate unmount using $umount
$sudo mount –bind /dev/bus /proc/bus
dev structure should be copied to /proc

then download Google(motelist code perl)
open editor copy paste code in editor
$nano or gedit (program name ).pl

Execute the perl code $ perl
$ perl (program name).pl