My story of Building software Experience

Software to day is Every-ware. So how should person build software Experience would be dependent on Area he/she chooses to work and opportunity he/she got over period.

Lets take Example:
– Person First start with modest background no high ranking university degree starts with A open source web development firm one way is choose to continue same track other way.
My story
1st  year: As Software Engineer Open source Linux , apache, my sql, and Access based small projects from my home town small company Web development projects

2nd Year: Got chance to work Java/C++ for product development firm (as i wanted to work with product development company)Warehousoptimization Inc.

3rd year: Wanted to Experience What is ERP? so moved in largest team of ERP Peopleosoft technology. self learned peoplesoft .Worked there for a year on Peoplesoft Application designer, SQR ,crystal for HRMS reporting. Application Integration using using Integration broker. leraned peoplesoft product which had huge list of 25,000 tables and domain structure. customizing payroll and creating 401K plan.

4rth – As Sr Sotware Engg. Learned self learned 5 ETL tools (informatica, data stage, ab-initio, terradata ETL utilities,SSIS)and 5 BI(IBM cognos, SAP BO, Microstrategy, SSRS,Actuate) tools moved in data warehousing market where I got chance to implement BI SAP Business Objects tools over existing people soft ERP.
BO layer over SAP for nvida: BI over other ERP which I never worked before but since worked in one ERP i got chance for another ERP..
Ajaxify SAP BO BI system due to my previous background on both java and BI.

5th year:  Moved in IBM cognos team performed there well. self learned in implement IBM cognos BI complete stack and helped creating BI competency centre.

6-7th year:(as team lead) Implemented Microstrategy BI for Retail client and data-warehouse using IBM redbrick database. and ETL tool IBM datastage.

8th year: worked on SQL, PL\SQL for well point, integrating IBM congno with flex using Blaze DS and java web services. and creating mesh up architecture on IBM congos using AJAX and flex for pfizer and Investment banking firm.Involved in internal audits.

9th year:(As Architect) integration of 4 technology(EAI+ETL+BI+Portal+MDM) on top of Siebel CRM and telecom billing system: EAI tool BPEL, ETL tool Oracle datawarehouse, BI oracle BI, and portal layer using Oracle APEX.

10th year:(As Sr Architect) Cloud computing: Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, Mahout,
IAAS: Eucalyptus, oracle cloud, nebula.
11 th year (Student): Trained myself on on :Cisco: configuring routers , switches, firewall., SAN (Storage Area Network) CEH,CISA,attempted CISM, CFA  etc before coming for masters here in Ireland at Limerick.
Now I had covered Almost all sector of IT industry other than Embedded Software and my project Final year on Wireless sensor network.
All these year implementation I had lived in more than 15 cities in 11 year.(avg 6 months in one city for implementation) from retail(DFS), pharma(pfizer, wyeth), clinical research(Quintiles), warehousing (warehouseoptimization Inc), supply chain (broadlane),FMCG (P&G, Nestle), Investment banking(DE Shaw and Co),healthcare insurance(well point), software product development firms (SAP, Bussiness Objects,Nvidia), Telecom (British telecom) companies most of them were fortune 500 companies.
and travelled another 15 more cities
Each year I will pass some or other Certification . Now has list of 12 certifications and join a academic course as well so now at least 10 academic courses I have done.
Now In new country need to gain experience in new Geography So I open for any level