My story of Building software Experience

Software to day is Every-ware. So how should person build software Experience would be dependent on Area he/she chooses to work and opportunity he/she got over period.

Lets take Example:
– Person First start with modest background no high ranking university degree starts with A open source web development firm one way is choose to continue same track other way.
My story
1st  year: As Software Engineer Open source Linux , apache, my sql, and Access based small projects from my home town small company Web development projects

2nd Year: Got chance to work Java/C++ for product development firm (as i wanted to work with product development company)Warehousoptimization Inc.

3rd year: Wanted to Experience What is ERP? so moved in largest team of ERP Peopleosoft technology. self learned peoplesoft .Worked there for a year on Peoplesoft Application designer, SQR ,crystal for HRMS reporting. Application Integration using using Integration broker. leraned peoplesoft product which had huge list of 25,000 tables and domain structure. customizing payroll and creating 401K plan.

4rth – As Sr Sotware Engg. Learned self learned 5 ETL tools (informatica, data stage, ab-initio, terradata ETL utilities,SSIS)and 5 BI(IBM cognos, SAP BO, Microstrategy, SSRS,Actuate) tools moved in data warehousing market where I got chance to implement BI SAP Business Objects tools over existing people soft ERP.
BO layer over SAP for nvida: BI over other ERP which I never worked before but since worked in one ERP i got chance for another ERP..
Ajaxify SAP BO BI system due to my previous background on both java and BI.

5th year:  Moved in IBM cognos team performed there well. self learned in implement IBM cognos BI complete stack and helped creating BI competency centre.

6-7th year:(as team lead) Implemented Microstrategy BI for Retail client and data-warehouse using IBM redbrick database. and ETL tool IBM datastage.

8th year: worked on SQL, PL\SQL for well point, integrating IBM congno with flex using Blaze DS and java web services. and creating mesh up architecture on IBM congos using AJAX and flex for pfizer and Investment banking firm.Involved in internal audits.

9th year:(As Architect) integration of 4 technology(EAI+ETL+BI+Portal+MDM) on top of Siebel CRM and telecom billing system: EAI tool BPEL, ETL tool Oracle datawarehouse, BI oracle BI, and portal layer using Oracle APEX.

10th year:(As Sr Architect) Cloud computing: Hadoop, Hive, Hbase, Mahout,
IAAS: Eucalyptus, oracle cloud, nebula.
11 th year (Student): Trained myself on on :Cisco: configuring routers , switches, firewall., SAN (Storage Area Network) CEH,CISA,attempted CISM, CFA  etc before coming for masters here in Ireland at Limerick.
Now I had covered Almost all sector of IT industry other than Embedded Software and my project Final year on Wireless sensor network.
All these year implementation I had lived in more than 15 cities in 11 year.(avg 6 months in one city for implementation) from retail(DFS), pharma(pfizer, wyeth), clinical research(Quintiles), warehousing (warehouseoptimization Inc), supply chain (broadlane),FMCG (P&G, Nestle), Investment banking(DE Shaw and Co),healthcare insurance(well point), software product development firms (SAP, Bussiness Objects,Nvidia), Telecom (British telecom) companies most of them were fortune 500 companies.
and travelled another 15 more cities
Each year I will pass some or other Certification . Now has list of 12 certifications and join a academic course as well so now at least 10 academic courses I have done.
Now In new country need to gain experience in new Geography So I open for any level

Approach to Best collaboration Management system

Collaboration tools integrated offering (course grain integration using ) integration tools like TIBCO, Oracle BPEL, : Components to be integrated:
1. Content management system CMS  (SharePoint, Joomla, drupal) and
2. Document Management system like (liferay, Document-um, IBM file-net) can be integrated using flexible integration tools.

3. Communication platform like Windows Communication Foundation ,IBM lotus notes integrated with mail client and Social network like Facebook using Facebook API, LinkedIn API, twitter API ,skype API to direct plugin as well as data Analysis of Social networking platform unstructured data captured of the collaboration for the project discussion.
soft-phone using Skype offering recording conversation facility for later use.

Oracle Web centre:
4. Integrated Project specific Wikki/Sharepoint/other CMS pages integrated with PMO site Artefacts, Enterprise Architecture Artefacts.
5. seamless integration to Enterprise Search using Endeca or Microsoft FAST for discovery of document, information, answers from indexed,tagged repository of data.
6. Structured and Unstructured data : hosted on Hadoop clusters using Map-reduce algorithm to Analyse data, consolidate data using Hadoop Hive, HBase and mining to discover hidden information using data mining library in Mahout for unstructured data.
Structured data kept in RDBMS clusters like RAC rapid application clusters.
7. Integrated with Domain specific Enterprise resource planning ERP packages the communication, collaboration,Discovery, Search layer.
8. All integrated with mesh up architecture providing real-time information maps of resource located and information of nearest help.
9. messaging and communication layer integrated with all on-line company software.
10.Process Orchestration and integration Using Business Process Management tool BPM tool, PEGA BPM, Jboss BPM , windows workflow foundation depending landscape used.
11. Private cloud integration using Oracle cloud , Microsoft Azure, Eucalyptus, open Nebula integrated with web API other web platform landscape.
12. Integrated BI system with real time information access by tools like TIBCO spotfire which can analyse real time data flowing between integrated systems.
Data centre API and virtualisation plaform can also throw in data for analysis to hadoop cluster.
External links for reference:,,,

Oracle Web centre:


Map reduce:
acebook API:
inkedin API:
witter API:

PC\Laptop will never be dead although new platform emerge: Analysis of Microsoft Strategy

PC / laptop may be dead or it will become centre piece of interaction of all devices at home.
Now as internet of things evolve or semantic agents start searching  web for you and customize search for you.
There will more than 100 devices like fan , cooler, heater, washing machine , each room sensor etc in your home as Home computing/smart city emerges platform like Zigbee, personal area network become more visible. PC will become like server controlling/configuring/updating/debugging all these devices at home.
This is in response to this news I am writing:
that Microsoft is trying to keep PC as device of choice.
Some places where low computation and mobilty is required smartphone and tablet may take up market which they already have but still PC/laptop will have its own market as it will become Home server of choice.
At end of day you want to come back home and sink all your devices to server which is Laptop with max processing power to do it fast.

How to solve mutating table Error? Oracle PL\SQL

What is mutating table Error?

One of the scenario when mutating table errors occurs when Table A is parent to Table B and there are triggers defined on table A trigger a1 and on Table B trigger b1.
Triggers are defined in such way that before insert trigger a1 on A

Mutating table error
before insert trigger b1 on Table B. inside trigger b1 you are trying to check value in parent table if it exits parent field. While in parent Table A triggers are called before insert which having reference to Table B values. this leads to kind of race conditions causing mutating table error.
How to solve mutating table error?
While writing trigger care should be taken that parent table triggers should try to avoid update to child table otherwise mutating table error occur.
There are more scenario which would be covered in next Example you can just read many reference available on Mutating table Error.
just do a google search and read its common PL/SQL error which would face.

second option: Use after insert trigger.
More details: next

Strategies For Software Services/product Companies next decade




These requirement are going to stay for next decade:Strategy-Small1Where can Software services/product firms lay emphasis for next stage of development. Or the areas which will see maximum amount of work coming in future..

Or What areas of knowledge should software companies develop manpower on:
1. Game development and Gamification:


2-7. Each of the Seven areas in development:


As you read you realize software which can take advantage of multiple processor available on the devices None of sotware present in market today is written to take advantage of this fact. It may be possible an new language may come up to take benefit of this fact of we can still use old java/C++ threads more offen or we can distribute load on server by more specific COM/ DCOM or Distributed Common Request broker Architecture CORBA to processor level at server.. We have virtual switches and VM ware or Zen virtualisation which can exploit maximum benefit from it.
8. More virtualised network stack: this I wrote 2 yrs back still valid to quote here:

private and public cloud new API will emerge:

9. from SDLC V model to Agile and now to lean Agile ..use of six sigma to control process is just one part of mathematics being used for quality control but there would be new data model which will be tested based to mathematical modelling like probability distributions new model industry specific models would keep emerging.
like how for security project how security user stories are plugged into model
or read

10.  BI would be Everyware:
parallelism , map reduce algorithm and cloud

Next generation Application development

The Next generation application development will not only take care of utilizing 50 or 100+ processors which will be available in you laptop or desktop or mobile but by using parallel processing available at clients
I covered 7 points last article this is part -2 of
also Next genration ERP read first:
8. More pervasive BI eating App: Business Intelligence application development will go deeper in organisation Hierarchy
Oraganisation Hirearchyfrom more strategic level BI  and Middle management level to more pervasive  transactional processing level , and Office automation System level BI (shown in diagram as knowledge level or operational level.)

How it will affect architecture of Enterprise product Read SAP HANA
Understanding Management aspect to little contrary view but related.. there will be need for more deeper strategic Information system to make more unstructured decision making.

pervasive BI bound to eat up Application development market also fulled by in-memory products like cognos TM1, SAP HANA etc..but also changes, cross functional innovation happening at enterprise level.
read :

As with these products no need for separate Database for datawarehouse and for operational systems. This unification of Operational data store ODS and data warehouse DW. on reporting level both Business intelligence BI and operational reporting will be accessing same database and that will be using in Memory technology.

9. Bigdata as everyone knows is Hot: more unstructured data than structured data today present for you is like open laboratory to experiment. More of it will find place in strategic management system and Management Information system.
read more details:

Read Application in security for metadata analysis :

10. Application security will be important as never before: its already there .
The intensity can be gauged from fact that changes in top 10 OWASP list is happening as never before and positions are changing in terms of top most risk ranking.

list before:

2010 A2 was Cross site Scripting XSS but 2013 at ranking to of perceived risk is Broken Authentication and session management. Changes do happen but here ranking and no of incident changing fast because momentum is fast.
11. More will continue when I find time next time….

Problem with Plagiarism software (more English test less science innovation test)

If you paraphrase then you are innovative. I cannot understand is it scientific innovation which is tested or English language test.
I want to keep other work as original and my work separately there that would be real scientific innovation
We are not writing novels here by paraphrasing…
Its not that i cannot paraphrase I can do better but I feel is n’t it real waste of money by paraphrasing worlds and saying that is your original work…
There should be some numbering system to qualify using categorisation using market basket, using machine learning algorithm and compare, RDF or ontology or owl.. there would be many method of categorisation which is used currently. Some of this would be surely used but there are still gaps. how can paraphrase pass test?