Reason for Falling Indian rupee

6 reasons:
1. Current account deficit : due to huge trade imbalance imports – Exports= 100 billion dollar last 5 yrs  its between 60-100 billion dollar defict…last 10 yrs it exist.No country has such huge deficit its only next to USA. for poor country like india its big task.
2. FII money : which comes through stock routes also called fast money used to create artificial Dollar requirements for Import. Instead of using that money for development its used to plug in fiscal deficit and Current Account deficit.
3. No Export competitiveness: What is specialized Export from India can you name one where India is second to non.. Like china in 200+ manufacturing items, games, electronics goods, computer , torches etc etc… India u say software but what India does ins only services which many other country also provide…See 2,00,000 people infosys market value 40 billion dollar . while 2,000 people biadu search engine team from china has same 40 billion dollar market value. who is more effective or productive…
4. power of influence: Failure in foreign relations.
5. power of trade economics: world top 20 bank india no entry china 7, top steel producers india 2  china 5 etc…Where is power of scale? despite having manpower and iron and coal deposit.
6. small regional parties absolutely no leadership see UP for example: it was 2nd richest state in India.What it is now? second poorest state only next to bihar.. last 20 yrs of caste based rules and not thinking about economic upliftment of poor only personal gains and divide society by caste and creed.
proof: see this go to last column per capita GDP INR there is small sort button there see sorted list by states:
There are Endless other like food security bill for populism where will it end..ultimately indirect tax to collect 2,00,000 crore needed for it..
Read this as well:

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