Economics Of Cow

I want to start with this thought :
people have no right to inter fair with other people habit to Eat beef or drink milk its people choice…I do not eat beef I drink milk other want to eat can eat…its there choice….

Economics of Cow: interestingly it points to use of word Holy Cow.
I went to see data on avg a cow U.S. weighs 1350 pounds
100-pound increase in mature weight a cow requires an additional $15 – $20 in supplementation costs.
cost per kg: $23.83, Value per cow:
(1350X23= 31050 dollars) ………………………..equation 1
While if cow is kept for milk Each year:
Milk production per cow: a range of around 6,800 to 17,000 kg per year
avg say: 12000 kg .(source:

Value if market of cow if traded for milk:
milk production X per litre cost.(1 dollar per litre)
= 17,000 dollar per year.
Now cow lives and gives milf another 15 yrs So total cost= 17,000X15=3,50,000 dollar  ………………………equation 2
from equation 1 and equation 2:
value of Meat Expert : value of milk export= 31,000 :(is to )3,50,000
Like benefits are in ratio:  1(beef): 11(milk).
11 times it more better to utilize cow for milk then for beef.
(cost of maintenance remain same in both cases and makes almost no impact)

What Is Compounding Effect here ?
of E
ach time 1 animal killed its compounding is stopped. While when utilized for milk each year animal population increases leading to more production and very minimal increase in marginal cost..
Beef: Each year a new animal brought and cut.
Milk: Each year last year animal still remain.(1/1, 1/2, 1/3,1/4……… 1/n) total after 15 yrs 15/15  .
Second year production double, 3rd year increase by (3-2)/2, 4rt year (4-3)/3….
each year production increase by 1 more animal sum of all for 15 yrs                         (1,2,….15)= 15 X16/2= 120.
120 X 11(factor for 1 cow)=1320 times more profit in 15 yrs….


  1. As far I have checked all cows give milk.
    Second I check amount of protein diet required for a cow for gain meat is more than for milk.
    Also for meat Cow/or any animal has to die..and new animal has to raised for kid to adult age to die amount of food wasted is much larger… It hit me so thought posting about it.. Is is not Economics problem../
    Why cow is chosen because technically cow gives more milk than any other animal..So its farmer best friends in case of drought cow can still give milk eating whatever left over…

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