Reason for Falling Indian rupee

6 reasons:
1. Current account deficit : due to huge trade imbalance imports – Exports= 100 billion dollar last 5 yrs  its between 60-100 billion dollar defict…last 10 yrs it exist.No country has such huge deficit its only next to USA. for poor country like india its big task.
2. FII money : which comes through stock routes also called fast money used to create artificial Dollar requirements for Import. Instead of using that money for development its used to plug in fiscal deficit and Current Account deficit.
3. No Export competitiveness: What is specialized Export from India can you name one where India is second to non.. Like china in 200+ manufacturing items, games, electronics goods, computer , torches etc etc… India u say software but what India does ins only services which many other country also provide…See 2,00,000 people infosys market value 40 billion dollar . while 2,000 people biadu search engine team from china has same 40 billion dollar market value. who is more effective or productive…
4. power of influence: Failure in foreign relations.
5. power of trade economics: world top 20 bank india no entry china 7, top steel producers india 2  china 5 etc…Where is power of scale? despite having manpower and iron and coal deposit.
6. small regional parties absolutely no leadership see UP for example: it was 2nd richest state in India.What it is now? second poorest state only next to bihar.. last 20 yrs of caste based rules and not thinking about economic upliftment of poor only personal gains and divide society by caste and creed.
proof: see this go to last column per capita GDP INR there is small sort button there see sorted list by states:
There are Endless other like food security bill for populism where will it end..ultimately indirect tax to collect 2,00,000 crore needed for it..
Read this as well:

Economics Of Cow

I want to start with this thought :
people have no right to inter fair with other people habit to Eat beef or drink milk its people choice…I do not eat beef I drink milk other want to eat can eat…its there choice….

Economics of Cow: interestingly it points to use of word Holy Cow.
I went to see data on avg a cow U.S. weighs 1350 pounds
100-pound increase in mature weight a cow requires an additional $15 – $20 in supplementation costs.
cost per kg: $23.83, Value per cow:
(1350X23= 31050 dollars) ………………………..equation 1
While if cow is kept for milk Each year:
Milk production per cow: a range of around 6,800 to 17,000 kg per year
avg say: 12000 kg .(source:

Value if market of cow if traded for milk:
milk production X per litre cost.(1 dollar per litre)
= 17,000 dollar per year.
Now cow lives and gives milf another 15 yrs So total cost= 17,000X15=3,50,000 dollar  ………………………equation 2
from equation 1 and equation 2:
value of Meat Expert : value of milk export= 31,000 :(is to )3,50,000
Like benefits are in ratio:  1(beef): 11(milk).
11 times it more better to utilize cow for milk then for beef.
(cost of maintenance remain same in both cases and makes almost no impact)

What Is Compounding Effect here ?
of E
ach time 1 animal killed its compounding is stopped. While when utilized for milk each year animal population increases leading to more production and very minimal increase in marginal cost..
Beef: Each year a new animal brought and cut.
Milk: Each year last year animal still remain.(1/1, 1/2, 1/3,1/4……… 1/n) total after 15 yrs 15/15  .
Second year production double, 3rd year increase by (3-2)/2, 4rt year (4-3)/3….
each year production increase by 1 more animal sum of all for 15 yrs                         (1,2,….15)= 15 X16/2= 120.
120 X 11(factor for 1 cow)=1320 times more profit in 15 yrs….

suggestion to Recent IT Graduate Students



1. Gain Practical Exposure 

Undergo atleast 1 project related to Network virtualisation, AJAX/Web services/Web programming with Web security and host them for your exposure ,others benefits..

Use technology like, AJAX , web services,Ws-security, project.

2. Experiment with cloud computing technology like Apache hadoop
3. try to do Embeded project it very Easy
Its actually old technology now :
4 RDBMS do Oracle SQL, PL/SQL or informix, db2 certification…
5. Network and learn latest technology not in course online….

Why Online Courses are Killer App?

Some courses give introduction to was wonderful experience going through course. I wanted to suggest Online Education platform can be used for really creative courses for which may be hard to find students in university..
suppose: “Business Strategy Case Study course”
Why Online education is important for making world more skilled and competitive to human needs?

#1. It would add lot of value to the over and above university system. For courses where less student comes up as they are difficult..this is right platform since u can find even 5 student each country will make it class of 1000 students who are really interested.

#3. If leader board of people which highest score Quiz wise and final Exam it would motivate people lot to score more and take challenging assignments.
quiz questions should be structured in  a way:
1. 50% conceptual
2. 30% hard
3, 20% very hard
And people can see leader board like games with points

#4 come to discussion about really puzzling questions for real mastery certificate. Some R&D based questions.

#5. In video Quiz can help to rank and profile student its huge data of value in hand of Online Education providers. Lots of analytics can be used to show 3D map or cloud of topics successfully covered in first attempt, second attempt etc..etc… or combined all.

Internet will eventually will become free subsidized by content providers

Internet Unlimited download will become norm eventually
End of data usage based charging. User does not want to think about how much he has download limit on any device you are using.

Also storage on cloud means every time download and upload and if its linked to data usage it implies on each access to file or folder pay for every single use. Hence no customer going to perfer plan limiting data limits.

If limits are there only the limit that will sustain monthly limit 24 X 7 X 30 X 1 hour video download limit. let say total 240GB per month. Only this limit will sustainable no other plans we will see in future…

It may be possible Internet will eventually will become free subsidized by content providers getting revenue from advertisers..there is very strong possibility towards this in future..

Every Problem in life comes with learning to make you strong for future

Every problem which comes in life makes you more stronger in turn..
its upto you to learn from it and remove your weakness and become stronger with each difficulty….
the problem may also be created by outside world but those are your challenges which you need to overcome…
it may be that you are good in subject then you are tested on politics ..
it may be you are good and tested by bad people around
but those are your challenges you need to overcome and come strong…….

Documentary films sites will drive future of Online video

Whenever I feel bored then I plan watching a documentary to relax. Such vast array of topics. You can just search topics and watch a documentary film its more exciting for me than sometimes feature films. It may be my personal preference because you learn so many things about new topic about real issue. It gives you plethora of information in short movie about real issues faced by people in movie format what’s more would you need?

Last 2 years so much online documentary are added by new budding film makers and general public. My film watching habit last 2 yrs documentary: feature film is 20:1 because I watch latest anytime anywhere using youtube or any other site…

My personal favorite :