India Economic Problem are also solution for its future

People who are Expert in these areas can contribute much more but these are problem visible to common man like me. How can we compete with rest of world with only 1% hving access to Quality Education.. while primary education brings inclusion, Higher education brings innovation example last 3 yrs british university launched new innovative MS course attracted lots of foreign talent lead UK to one of innovative economy with wonder material like Graphene found and many such innovation.
attracting foreign student is very important and crucial.

Any Economy grows Either by efficiency in production and low cost off production Or Innovation.. if both are compared there is nothing which can compare Innovation.. As we see in past
Europe and UK growth in late 1890 was fueled by scientific management, new economic theories, and new scientific developments in Science.
Japan in 1950-60 innovated production System with zero inventory manufacturing reducing cost as well keeping products real time, which multiple assembly line producing mixed product with variability,
US economy after great depression was fueled by innovation of new areas like Automobile, defense manufacturing then to electronics 1980, health care product manufacturing in 1970,1990 2000 the computer sciences..
Where is India failing?

Problem #1: Education Reform: illustrative example and solution
– India has largest software companies in services which is low profit high volume business while No major presence in Product development reason Quality of Graduate coming out of private colleges which are owned by politicians that makes right talent move away from political environment. Artificially the publicity is generated about the quality of professors and many student join..but Student goal is just to pass and College goal not to hold anyone but to let them just pass anyhow How it done? 50% marking in internal with college usually they give 45/50 minimum then real audited tests student just need to score 15/50 and they can pass exam.. And internal exam are very poorly administered…
So people pass out top 5% are really good but some of then are rote learners, rest 10% are okay rest are just average 35/50 in outside university exam to get 80/100.
Some of people do not have basic knowledge but some 5% are really good. This variation of 5% good while 95% not upto standard is where its problem..

There no standardization of education whereby every where people should get same level or quality of education whether you go to IIT or private college.. For country size of India out of top 200 college in Asia we have just 5 to 6 while actually we have 40% of population of Asia that 40% population of asia standard we should have 80 colleges in top 200 of asia or 400 out of top 1000 in Asia..

We are almost 80/5 = 16 times less quality college distributed to population…

Medical Education its worse in range

Standard doctor:patient of 1200:1 considering we have 240 working day a year, and each patient comes to doctors 3 times and 15 patient a day. 1200 doctor to 1 patient.
While ratio in India is 1,20,000 : 1 almost1/100 of expected..

Solution #1: 
How long can sustain this? We are already at critical stage.. If govt create Rural Medical colleges in high hill not only its cheap but also it gives rural population access to medical facilities and growth in local economy. Also India needs to focus on Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Allopathy Ayurveda equally since Allopathy has never been indias strength we cannot consume high cost imported drugs. Ayurveda will be very important Also for medical tourism. Naturopathy keeps avg price per population of healthcare down pioneered by Mahatma Gandhi.

Solution #2:  Rural Pvt Engineering college cum ITI with rigorous quality check.

Solution #3: Institution with high R&D patent filling budget made promotional to no. of patent filling each private or public institution should get subsidy for patent filling.

Corporate Institution and Company to get tax benefit with each patient filling 0.1% drop in tax.

Separate innovation council which can identify new areas of focus in Arts, science, technology, economics,business Studies under private public partner ship.

Education: to be super specialized streams like Intelligent system design engineering,BE in Image processing, etc..not simple computer Science for all pill.

Reason: each patent will give A differentiation to product in market which is unmatched.

As software services is highly commodiatized, and large competitors in market start emerging.

Solution #4:  Try to create regulator but try there task is to more set vision and research in each sector rather than just monitoring. That will continuously fuel these sectors with innovation making govt task easier.

Problem #2Competitiveness Of economy
If we have only 10% population contributing in innovation we can grow 10% but we have hardly 0.01% population that has skills to innovate in there fields.. Each small innovation as small as new hair cut by salon should be local state and national level same is for agriculture…
Next trust areas are Nanotechnology and Biotechnology for India these sectors will last another coming 20 yrs There should continuous endeavor to find new sectors by national Innovation council.

Problem #3: Financial Prudence
National Finance Council created which continuously suggests new legislation to strengthen innovation infrastructure for finance and economics related area with responsibility.

Problem #4: Infrastructure:

Infrastructure regulator which can create policy measure to improve all kinds of rural , urban and metro infrastructure…

Its very urgent to de-congest Metro with creating job opportunity in small cities with medical colleges, engineering colleges, roads and schools.Otherwise like 2 crore people will migrate to delhi in next 3 years its a time bomb waiting in each metro Mumbai, chennai, Kolkata etc.. for which infrastructure has to improved.

Problem #5: Oil Import almost 100 billion dollar
Cycle lane and methanol blending , public transport can save 20-30% fuel
While bio mass energy, Solar energy River interlinking electricity generation, wind energy can reduce oil import by another 20% .

Problem 6: Export-Import trade deficit.

With 1 trillion dollar combined deficit running last 2004 onwards in 2 trillion dollar economy not sustainable. atleast with 5 yrs we have to come in trade surplus which will happen only when sector other than IT start contributing to Export like manufacturing,

Solution: Some permanent Export council: should be set up which can identify new areas of export ,new geography of export dynamically.

textile(india has cotton and polyester, and deign talent unmatched).
Biotech, Nano Technology, Quantum Computing, Etc…
Till we do not have competitive chip manufacturing,mobile and tablet  capability we cannot sustain Even run in over software sector in long run as software start integrating deep in devices.
Healthcare tourism has huge oppurtunity in India with rich large talent and cheap treatment cost In India.
Problem #7: Legal jurisprudence research improvement.
Law has not been improved for speedy and effective trial last 60 yrs some law are as old as 150 yrs old infact 70% laws are like than there urgent need to improve them.





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