Singing+music is best form of Yoga+Meditation

CV Raman, Noble laureate did research of mathematics of music in 1960. What was done on top of instrument tabla some powder was sprinkled as different strokes were put on thin membrane. only single tap at a time this created beautiful mathematical curve and as different ragas were tapped it leads to different shape curve on the surface which was also replica of waves it generates in air. This was one of the way to find acousticsĀ of music different swaras and beats.
I want to tell that what we learn in yoga is control of breath. Any asanas have this slow intake of breath count 3 and release exhale count 3. So its rhythm same as sinusoidal wave of business Cycles of boom and bust when tipping point make it change to other extreme.
Same way while singing our breath is controlled and vibration from throat to our diaphragm and stomach as we inhale and exhale over period of time. these rhythm mix with rhythm of metaphysical object everything is vibrating in universe. when we resonate with same frequency to some extent we gain energy. surely every object has its inherent frequency we cannot replicate those frequency but we do influenced by them.
As we create equations with degree more than 3 we get more than 2 tipping point or points we get double derivative = zero give the point where curve changes lets suppose from increasing to decreasing or vice versa. so these are like change in rythm inhale to exhale.

So what CV Raman tried to prove that as on tabla the surface curve created by taping create mathematical curves each has its set of vibration there is no denying of that fact. So as you can see in classical singing you have to bound your vibration from thorat, stomach, diaphragm in certain boundary while controlling our breath in from inhale to exhale in certain frequency which creates those controlled vibration.
Which is justification of cause and effect relation. if effect of music produces desired result then it means music is within desired range to cause the effect.
Thus we are resonating with the defined range as example to say lotus open of drop of rain producing ripple on the surface of water. Like raag Malhar played during rainy season.. etc… it had mathematical significance which CV Raman tried to prove even created institute of mathematics of music. What does it take us to?
Raags while singing are best form to control your breath,vibrations, and meta-physical waves generated has effect which cannot be denied if we resonate with range effect is more or less.
Music from instruments adds to these as proven by experiments of CV Raman. Even best literature will should you that while mediating what is required Sir Aurbindo called Zero thought state which is very rare to achieve.. According to a research brain usually emit Alpha waves but while mediating it reached to beta state which is also considered highest wave showing relaxed and performing mind.
its shown people people who go through hath yoga reach that state of Beta and can emit beata 24 hours a day while normal person only does for hardly 1/2 hour.
Meditation is difficult for those who does not understand beauty of silence but Music/singing is the within those range takes you closer if you are following shastriya sangeet exact beat otherwise its like u are doing asans without postures.

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