India Economic Problem are also solution for its future

People who are Expert in these areas can contribute much more but these are problem visible to common man like me. How can we compete with rest of world with only 1% hving access to Quality Education.. while primary education brings inclusion, Higher education brings innovation example last 3 yrs british university launched new innovative MS course attracted lots of foreign talent lead UK to one of innovative economy with wonder material like Graphene found and many such innovation.
attracting foreign student is very important and crucial.

Any Economy grows Either by efficiency in production and low cost off production Or Innovation.. if both are compared there is nothing which can compare Innovation.. As we see in past
Europe and UK growth in late 1890 was fueled by scientific management, new economic theories, and new scientific developments in Science.
Japan in 1950-60 innovated production System with zero inventory manufacturing reducing cost as well keeping products real time, which multiple assembly line producing mixed product with variability,
US economy after great depression was fueled by innovation of new areas like Automobile, defense manufacturing then to electronics 1980, health care product manufacturing in 1970,1990 2000 the computer sciences..
Where is India failing?

Problem #1: Education Reform: illustrative example and solution
– India has largest software companies in services which is low profit high volume business while No major presence in Product development reason Quality of Graduate coming out of private colleges which are owned by politicians that makes right talent move away from political environment. Artificially the publicity is generated about the quality of professors and many student join..but Student goal is just to pass and College goal not to hold anyone but to let them just pass anyhow How it done? 50% marking in internal with college usually they give 45/50 minimum then real audited tests student just need to score 15/50 and they can pass exam.. And internal exam are very poorly administered…
So people pass out top 5% are really good but some of then are rote learners, rest 10% are okay rest are just average 35/50 in outside university exam to get 80/100.
Some of people do not have basic knowledge but some 5% are really good. This variation of 5% good while 95% not upto standard is where its problem..

There no standardization of education whereby every where people should get same level or quality of education whether you go to IIT or private college.. For country size of India out of top 200 college in Asia we have just 5 to 6 while actually we have 40% of population of Asia that 40% population of asia standard we should have 80 colleges in top 200 of asia or 400 out of top 1000 in Asia..

We are almost 80/5 = 16 times less quality college distributed to population…

Medical Education its worse in range

Standard doctor:patient of 1200:1 considering we have 240 working day a year, and each patient comes to doctors 3 times and 15 patient a day. 1200 doctor to 1 patient.
While ratio in India is 1,20,000 : 1 almost1/100 of expected..

Solution #1: 
How long can sustain this? We are already at critical stage.. If govt create Rural Medical colleges in high hill not only its cheap but also it gives rural population access to medical facilities and growth in local economy. Also India needs to focus on Naturopathy, Homeopathy and Allopathy Ayurveda equally since Allopathy has never been indias strength we cannot consume high cost imported drugs. Ayurveda will be very important Also for medical tourism. Naturopathy keeps avg price per population of healthcare down pioneered by Mahatma Gandhi.

Solution #2:  Rural Pvt Engineering college cum ITI with rigorous quality check.

Solution #3: Institution with high R&D patent filling budget made promotional to no. of patent filling each private or public institution should get subsidy for patent filling.

Corporate Institution and Company to get tax benefit with each patient filling 0.1% drop in tax.

Separate innovation council which can identify new areas of focus in Arts, science, technology, economics,business Studies under private public partner ship.

Education: to be super specialized streams like Intelligent system design engineering,BE in Image processing, etc..not simple computer Science for all pill.

Reason: each patent will give A differentiation to product in market which is unmatched.

As software services is highly commodiatized, and large competitors in market start emerging.

Solution #4:  Try to create regulator but try there task is to more set vision and research in each sector rather than just monitoring. That will continuously fuel these sectors with innovation making govt task easier.

Problem #2Competitiveness Of economy
If we have only 10% population contributing in innovation we can grow 10% but we have hardly 0.01% population that has skills to innovate in there fields.. Each small innovation as small as new hair cut by salon should be local state and national level same is for agriculture…
Next trust areas are Nanotechnology and Biotechnology for India these sectors will last another coming 20 yrs There should continuous endeavor to find new sectors by national Innovation council.

Problem #3: Financial Prudence
National Finance Council created which continuously suggests new legislation to strengthen innovation infrastructure for finance and economics related area with responsibility.

Problem #4: Infrastructure:

Infrastructure regulator which can create policy measure to improve all kinds of rural , urban and metro infrastructure…

Its very urgent to de-congest Metro with creating job opportunity in small cities with medical colleges, engineering colleges, roads and schools.Otherwise like 2 crore people will migrate to delhi in next 3 years its a time bomb waiting in each metro Mumbai, chennai, Kolkata etc.. for which infrastructure has to improved.

Problem #5: Oil Import almost 100 billion dollar
Cycle lane and methanol blending , public transport can save 20-30% fuel
While bio mass energy, Solar energy River interlinking electricity generation, wind energy can reduce oil import by another 20% .

Problem 6: Export-Import trade deficit.

With 1 trillion dollar combined deficit running last 2004 onwards in 2 trillion dollar economy not sustainable. atleast with 5 yrs we have to come in trade surplus which will happen only when sector other than IT start contributing to Export like manufacturing,

Solution: Some permanent Export council: should be set up which can identify new areas of export ,new geography of export dynamically.

textile(india has cotton and polyester, and deign talent unmatched).
Biotech, Nano Technology, Quantum Computing, Etc…
Till we do not have competitive chip manufacturing,mobile and tablet  capability we cannot sustain Even run in over software sector in long run as software start integrating deep in devices.
Healthcare tourism has huge oppurtunity in India with rich large talent and cheap treatment cost In India.
Problem #7: Legal jurisprudence research improvement.
Law has not been improved for speedy and effective trial last 60 yrs some law are as old as 150 yrs old infact 70% laws are like than there urgent need to improve them.




Singing+music is best form of Yoga+Meditation

CV Raman, Noble laureate did research of mathematics of music in 1960. What was done on top of instrument tabla some powder was sprinkled as different strokes were put on thin membrane. only single tap at a time this created beautiful mathematical curve and as different ragas were tapped it leads to different shape curve on the surface which was also replica of waves it generates in air. This was one of the way to find acoustics of music different swaras and beats.
I want to tell that what we learn in yoga is control of breath. Any asanas have this slow intake of breath count 3 and release exhale count 3. So its rhythm same as sinusoidal wave of business Cycles of boom and bust when tipping point make it change to other extreme.
Same way while singing our breath is controlled and vibration from throat to our diaphragm and stomach as we inhale and exhale over period of time. these rhythm mix with rhythm of metaphysical object everything is vibrating in universe. when we resonate with same frequency to some extent we gain energy. surely every object has its inherent frequency we cannot replicate those frequency but we do influenced by them.
As we create equations with degree more than 3 we get more than 2 tipping point or points we get double derivative = zero give the point where curve changes lets suppose from increasing to decreasing or vice versa. so these are like change in rythm inhale to exhale.

So what CV Raman tried to prove that as on tabla the surface curve created by taping create mathematical curves each has its set of vibration there is no denying of that fact. So as you can see in classical singing you have to bound your vibration from thorat, stomach, diaphragm in certain boundary while controlling our breath in from inhale to exhale in certain frequency which creates those controlled vibration.
Which is justification of cause and effect relation. if effect of music produces desired result then it means music is within desired range to cause the effect.
Thus we are resonating with the defined range as example to say lotus open of drop of rain producing ripple on the surface of water. Like raag Malhar played during rainy season.. etc… it had mathematical significance which CV Raman tried to prove even created institute of mathematics of music. What does it take us to?
Raags while singing are best form to control your breath,vibrations, and meta-physical waves generated has effect which cannot be denied if we resonate with range effect is more or less.
Music from instruments adds to these as proven by experiments of CV Raman. Even best literature will should you that while mediating what is required Sir Aurbindo called Zero thought state which is very rare to achieve.. According to a research brain usually emit Alpha waves but while mediating it reached to beta state which is also considered highest wave showing relaxed and performing mind.
its shown people people who go through hath yoga reach that state of Beta and can emit beata 24 hours a day while normal person only does for hardly 1/2 hour.
Meditation is difficult for those who does not understand beauty of silence but Music/singing is the within those range takes you closer if you are following shastriya sangeet exact beat otherwise its like u are doing asans without postures.

Cloud Computing, 3V ,Data warehousing and Business Intelligence

The 3V volume, variety, velocity Story:

Datawarehouses maintain data loaded from operational databases using Extract Transform Load ETL tools like informatica, datastage, Teradata ETL utilities etc…
Data is extracted from operational store (contains daily operational tactical information) in regular intervals defined by load cycles. Delta or Incremental load or full load is taken to datwarehouse containing Fact and dimension tables which are modeled on STAR (around 3NF )or SNOWFLAKE schema.
During business Analysis we come to know what is granularity at which we need to maintain data. Like (Country,product, month) may be one granularity and (State,product group,day) may be requirement for different client. It depends on key drivers what level do we need to analyse business.

There many databases which are specially made for datawarehouse requirement of low level indexing, bit map indexes, high parallel load using multiple partition clause for Select(during Analysis), insert( during load). data warehouses are optimized for those requirements.
For Analytic we require data should be at lowest level of granularity.But for normal DataWarehouses its maintained at a level of granularity as desired by business requirements as discussed above.
for Data characterized by 3V volume, velocity and variety of cloud traditional datawarehouses are not able to accommodate high volume of suppose video traffic, social networking data. RDBMS engine can load limited data to do analysis.. even if it does with large not of programs like triggers, constraints, relations etc many background processes running in background makes it slow also sometime formalizing in strict table format may be difficult that’s when data is dumped as blog in column of table. But all this slows up data read and writes. even is data is partitioned.
Since advent of Hadoop distributed data file system. data can be inserted into files and maintained using unlimited Hadoop clusters which are working parallel and execution is controlled by Map Reduce algorithm . Hence cloud file based distributed cluster databases proprietary to social networking needs like Cassandra used by facebook etc have mushroomed.Apache hadoop ecosystem have created Hive (datawarehouse)

With Apache Hadoop Mahout Analytic Engine for real time data with high 3V data Analysis is made possible.  Ecosystem has evolved to full circle Pig: data flow language,Zookeeper coordination services, Hama for massive scientific computation,

HIPI: Hadoop Image processing Interface library made large scale image processing using hadoop clusters possible.

Realtime data is where all data of future is moving towards is getting traction with large server data logs to be analysed which made Cisco Acquired Truviso Rela time data Analytics

Analytic being this of action: see Example:

with innovation in hadoop ecosystem spanning every direction.. Even changes started happening in other side of cloud stack of vmware acquiring nicira. With huge peta byte of data being generated there is no way but to exponentially parallelism data processing using map reduce algorithms.
There is huge data out yet to generated with IPV6 making possible array of devices to unique IP addresses. Machine to Machine (M2M) interactions log and huge growth in video . image data from vast array of camera lying every nuke and corner of world. Data with a such epic proportions cannot be loaded and kept in RDBMS engine even for structured data and for unstructured data. Only Analytic can be used to predict behavior or agents oriented computing directing you towards your target search. Bigdata which technology like Apache Hadoop,Hive,HBase,Mahout, Pig, Cassandra, etc…as discussed above will make huge difference.

kindly answer this poll:

Some of the technology to some extent remain Vendor Locked, proprietory but Hadoop is actually completely open leading the the utilization across multiple projects. Every product have data Analysis have support to Hadoop. New libraries are added almost everyday. Map and reduce cycles are turning product architecture upside down. 3V (variety, volume,velocity) of data is increasing each day. Each day a new variety comes up, and new speed or velocity of data level broken, records of volume is broken.
The intuitive interfaces to analyse the data for business Intelligence system is changing to adjust such dynamism  since we cannot look at every bit of data not even every changing data we need to our attention directed to more critical bit of data out of heap of peta-byte data generated by huge array of devices , sensors and social media. What directs us to critical bit ? As given example
or Hedge funds use hedgehog language provided by :
such processing can be achieved using Hadoop or map-reduce algorithm. There are plethora of tools and technology which are make development process fast. New companies are coming  from ecosystem which are developing tools and IDE to make transition to this new development  easy and fast.

When market gets commodatizatied as it hits plateu of marginal gains of first mover advantage the ability to execute becomes critical. What Big data changes is cross Analysis kind of first mover validation before actually moving. Here speed of execution will become more critical. As production function Innovation gives returns in multiple. so the differentiate or die or Analyse and Execute feedback as quick and move faster is market…

This will make cloud computing development tools faster to develop with crowd sourcing, big data and social Analytic feedback.