Landslide detection & impact reduction using Wireless Sensor Network

Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) can be used to detect landslips early in advance.
I cannot say much from perspective of geology but from computer science prospective this technology has been in use almost 10-15 yrs.

Amrita university 3 yrs back implemented wireless sensor network to avoid landslip with help from Italian scientist from European Union. here is the link of factsheet of the project


Even its used across all calamity of early detection sensor have sensing unit which is equipped with desired hardware for example if we want to measure pressure, or heat or and movements of rock or vibration etc… Second unit if relay unit which is used to relay signal to nearest chip or base station. third component is Energy source like battery. here sensor needs to work long time before being recharged hence lost of energy harvesting technologies are used to recycle energy. and Piezoelectric material is also used  for energy harvesting. there are lots of other techniques as well. watch stanford university lecture on energy harvesting:

India’s National Disaster management mission also says it helpful to implement Wireless sensor network to detect disastor early and hence prevent it.

Page 45 last paragraph also says:
These guidelines were released in year 2012 since then its not implemented otherwise like Uttranchal disaster could have predicted and stopped early.

quoting from document

“Inter-state coordination, with installation of an automatic Alarm System employing appropriate level/discharge sensors, can be used to pre-empt disasters. Effective and timely information systems, and contingency plans for dealing with such disasters, are the answers. The present manual system of marking of water level is to be converted to an automatic danger level overflow alarm system using intelligent sensors”


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