Information Technology is huge One can claim to know all

This is one misnomer people have if a person is from IT background he will know all there is in IT but even people with 20 yrs experience I see them still learning..

Learning has no age. And speed at which things get obsolete more void needs to filled but even then if a person say I know all the things in IT.. then he must be categorized as fool.

In Job domain when people work they get exposed to certain realm and since its competitive world it hard for them to go beyond the expectation and deliver the results ASAP.

As one Sanskrit Shloka says:
Education gives humility, humility gives qualification or skill set

Skill set gives money , money with following right path gives happiness.

There are to kind of people in IT the specialist who focus on one skill and the Generalist as in management. The Generalist manager is trained to take up nay kind of leadership role in any functional area. There are specialist focused on One functional area who take up just one areas but cannot think beyond that area. But they are specialist in the area they are in… Enterprise Architect, ERP Architect, java Architect, data warehousing architect, BI Architect…etc….
I have seen in past ethics going so low that for clinical trail industry which regulated by FDA in india some company recruit fake candidates to reduce cost and if some one protest he is kicked out. But really question is is it sustainable… Would someday authorities not come to know hence test check can find details of those responsible then and prosecute them…Since it matter of  medicine and life and death for patient taking those medicine came out of these processes..
Again these very same IT company have feeling we know it all and nothing will happen but okay sometimes in business its okay just deviate a little but gross indifference is really Bad for all… Again the same attitude comes up which says we know it all.

But One should be loyal to the company he is serving and stake holders whatever situation be person should not break company ethics and law for which education system plays important role.If education system says its okay to harras some people it definitely comes into youngsters mind studying there Is this justified?.

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