With more advances in technology, traditional university system will change.

Near vision devices and interfaces ,video mail (u will listen more often You have a video mail)will make choice of multiple subjects to choose.dynamic curriculum. flexible work hour adjustable routine.flexible exam date can sit i exam and month..exam keep rolling…same way banking changed with IT next education will change with IT..also It will save huge IT budgets for Government. Now we do not so many bank branches as it add to real estate fixed as well variable cost of maintenance. as well we are going to see new genre of devices making far communication and recorder communication more flexible…
Hard working people will more attend these training..instead of entrance in future people across country wil ranked on each subject marks at end of semester..it gives good talent to industry and country.

Need for change:

1. Career Cycle have shrunk: from 1 career per life to may be 3 career. So if we take average working life 30 yrs of a person. then every 10 yrs he/she is bound for change due to shrinking career cycles.

Why change ? career cycle have shrunk. Take case so Many changes happen in 10 yrs that whatever u read and experienced 10 yrs back changes. This does not happen with people who keep re-skill themselves every year or 10% people who continue to do whatever they are doing but with 90% career change do happen ( like moving into management, moving into some other domain etc).

2. People in Job have very less time and flexibility to attend lectures or do research. With advancement in technology lectures can be recorded and played by student any time.Student can do online labs, can participate in case study discussion while taking 20 mins break from job. He does not need to be physically present.

3. Earlier competition was Entrance Exam like GMAT..but future competition will be how u are ranked in Financial accounting among all student enrolled in america who are your classmate. Definitely top 10 out of 5000 executive enrolled would be really good for company instead of looking GMAT score. because Finance skills what company want and need and GMAT is not skill requirement for company to grow. here also 10/5000 comes to 1 /500 ratio which shows student is really competitive.

4. Power of Differentiation: University can give bucket of courses to student to pick and choose and attend class. So let say choose from list of 200.(from IT,engineering,economics,management). for example A person interested in game programming management will choose (game programming, Artistic courses, Management, Economics, strategy, Electronics hardware platforms). Thus differentiate himself from rest market and adopt strategy of focus on what he want to do?

5 Economics for University  Often University starts a new course which people cannot understand the importance of What happens then is low enrollment in those courses and hence university drop those courses every year every country , every university in some for or other. But with learner spread over whole of america. 2 student from Delware, 2 from new York, 10 from San Francisco  10 from Boston  ….list of 200 cities aggregates to 400 students.? university can easily run those courses without worry of enrollment and reach ,and also due to factors of (product , promotion, place and price).The case above explained factor of place.

6. Economics for nation: With budgets getting lower and cost of education higher and relevancy of education to job falling it makes sense for any country to adopt this model of reach. Even people inside jail can be taught online can get degrees inside jail thus reform themselves for better career.


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