Problems of economy also little cultural in nature

we say we are building multi-cultural society. Is this just cover up? poor have least chances in all economy and poor is who can give u maximum growth as its easy to multiply money in small easier to make 1 euro to 2 then 1 billion to 2 billion euro

Countries and place which continue to attract talent from all across the world would always succeeded in past also and continue to do well now also in competitive world. By Talent we mean many dimension ,ability to think creatively to problem, knowledge in general, then subject specific knowledge, degrees from premier universities or marks are one such factor . It can be one factor there are many who can figure out this better ? Good student always read extra then required sometimes all of those not required to be remembered. I have found my experience as teacher in past really good student are top 10% but many times they are not topper in some country like india where focus is on cramming and putting to paper.So those who do rote learning or mugging score well become topper.As compared with people who have read 300% extra material then required for syllabus.but memory capacity is limited. Now if they remember 50% of 300. it will be 150% out of these what actually lecture told to read is 70% so 30% was what they not read yet they were in top 10%.but they know other 230% here what university system is missing currently.

My answer is: leave it to market forces what talent they need to survive? you can put guidelines and but putting restriction will always hinder flow of talent and hence growth of economy. Every company knows what kind of talent it needs to succeed in market. and requirement keep changing every year.

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