Hardware or Software Cycle keeps complementing System on Chip Vs software driven systems

In year 1999 when i was reading magazine It was saying “end of road for hardware or chip design”. It was not referring to fact that Moore’s laws failure. Moore’s law state microprocessor will double its processing capacity every six months.Magazince was not refering to these challenges to material science to fit more transistors in small chip and size had reached its peak but it was referring to increasing chip development is more software and less hardware…in 1980 chip development or VLSI was 90% hardware and 10% software..while in 1990 ratio went from 90:10 to 70:30 in early half of 21st century 2000’s ratio is continously decreasing.What trends were referring that the VLSI will be driven by complete software systems..surely we have Verilog, VHDL ..and magazine gave a ratio for future 2010 it will be 90:10 completely reversed…or completely software driven..lets see its true or not now.in 1999 when i was reading VHDL or Verilog developing adder and half adders some digital design Decoder And Encoders,Mux,Flip Flop And Latches,Counters,Memories,Parity And CRC,Modeling With Switch Primitives,Modeling With Gate Primitives,User Defined Primitives,PLI Examples,Verilog UART Model,Verilog Arbiter Model.Way back we used Cadence toolkit for EDA.

EDA tool market has not changed since then in terms of companies operating with Synopsys,Cadence,Mentor Graphics taking top three slots. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_design_automation

IS now Software to hardware ration in Chip design is 90:10? ir is completely software driven..

Answer is no. It has come to just reduce the error.its easy to rectify error on software or control process.Where has chip design moved…

VLSI system evolution:

1:1950 :           Transistors

1960:                Integrated Circuits

1970:               Microprocessors

1980:               Digital Signal Processors

1990:               FPGA/ASIC (Application specific Integrated circuits ASIC like TV remote,washing machine control etc very popular now

2000               System on Chip (SOC) like digital camera,ipad,smart phone…with every circuit built in multiple small chip reducing the size of device like whole computer with RAM,harddisk,processor all miniaturized and compacted into chip…

Now we see iPhone,iPad, Mobile system everything driven miniaturized VLSI system design, There are sensor networks pg and pay devices,devices talking to each other each will be driven by IC’s and VLSI circuits..so is now hardware cycle will overtake software cycle may answer is still no. it cannot happen either way…its lik both software and hardware are matching itself to another complementing each other..A software moved into hardware areas like smartphones so has VLSI moved into software ipad being more popular then old desktop…Hardware technology is matching expectation…

What’s future for System on chip? Must see the link below:


with Ubiquitous computing and sensor network huge data which is generated.More ubiquity means more chip and more sensor again chip and more software to control,pass instruction and analyze data…both VLSI and software and matching upto expectation…

Challenges to material science once again we say wll start emerging around 2020


Since constructs like if …else or for are same as mordern langauges as in Verilog or VHDL? Mordern laguage experiment with VHDL started long back in 2004. here is sun paper for reference highlights Java in EDA world.


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