Trends in computer networking and communication

1. Everything is going serial in networking USB (universal serial Bus) to save cost but internally as processing power reaching moore’s law limit So processing is going parallel as much as possible..

The besides distributed processing key driver which saw commercial uses of first parallel systems  were
– ETL tools Extract Transform load cycle running parallel..datastage had parallel jobs so informatica simiarly other tools..

– parallel languages: now Twitter is written on Scala moving away from java. Can mordern software sytem like SAP or peoplesoft’s business languages exhibit parallelism like scala or Erlang?

people perception of twitter written on Erlang langauge was denied by Twitter they its scala..

first it was ruby on rails then java finally its Scala implementation. So whats parallelism doing in networking..Most in networking everything is going serial from serial cable to serial bus..high bandwidth fibre uses serial comunication.

1. Less cross talk and less interconnecting cables. As explained in my previous Post link below. There are more changes.

2. Most important thing is IPv6 which has simplified ip addressing no need for public, private, and VLSM.

3. Lookout for diameter  protocol see details:

more detailed in general perpective lookout for


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