Best approaches for Mobile Enablement of Any Web based product

1. PI as App: Its called Hybrid approach through this you can mix Objective-C code with HTML5 code develop application you can store your product’s Ipad version on App store also. (i) contain Portable HTML5 components + As much as possible native code inObjective C. when you port to android you need to convert Objective C code to andriod no change in HTML5.
hydrid Code which can be native can be put in Connector code in on Bridge pattern or Adapter pattern. this can ported to another App.
2. Write code in Pure HTML5 and then call it using JSP/Servlet. advantage open standard and update whenever you wish to update.only minus no app store experience available to users.But you can use control to mimic like iphone experience using Javascripts components and code which gives look and feel of Iphone.

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