Philosophy A Guide To Happiness : Application in computer science.

Philosophy A Guide To Happiness
Philosophy A Guide To Happiness

Philosopher #1.Epicurus on Happiness

friends are real source. eat with friends always. freedom. not material pleasure.

friends, analyzed life, self sufficient,- advertising is major cause of un-happiness. we need to create to advertising for ourselfs rather listening to other advertisment and influened by adv.

wealth beyond needed is like overflowing container.

Karl Marx: You won;t be happy there even if big house Stop people from using everything which will make them unhappy due to materialistic pleasure. Do not fill void in life by buying more products or shopping.

Epicurus: Good big house luxury but happiness is not included in it. Epicurus also believed in similar thought but believed in just telling better watch out before u spend your energy there.

Philosopher #2. Seneca on Anger

spanish philosopher

seneca believed little pessimism helps to calm down our anger. Pessimism is also important it helps us to prepare world is not the perfect place so do not have much expectations.people cannot change the cirumstances but they should reason why such circumstances or direction? do not kick against something u can n’t will also affect your path.we should realize what we can change and what we cann’t. we can change attitude towards we cannot change. be calm.

what makes us more angry is ? for what we are not prepared for.calm mediatate thing what can go wrong.we are never immune from fortune. even when everything is right seneca said be prepared.

Philosopher # 3.Montaigne on Self-Esteem

Philosopher #4:- Schopenhauer on Love

German scholar:

Love is not trivial subject. its overwhelming emotion. Nothing is more important then love called to will for life. propagated by biology.People are attracted to opposites small to height , biology to maths etc.Love the music.Those who do not enjoy good company with opposite sex only love can compel them for marriage hence reproduction hence will to life. rejection is nature suggestion for will for life because nature and people feel there not right for reproduction. Internally its animal part of human life.

Philosopher 5#  – Nietzche on Hardship

Swiss philosopher

Nietzsche talks about how great effort and suffering is needed to achieve anything truly meaningful and happiness.Certainly I think that only those who have overcome great suffering have a strong personality and a true inner. On a different note, Nietzsche went insane near the end of his life, there is a thin line between genius and insanity.

Interesting that Nietzsche feels the soma of alcohol and the soma of christianity are similar, both just dulling the pain and reducing the energy which overcoming the problems gives us.

use problem to create something better.

success is know the sweetest to those how never succeed. to comprehend the nectar require sorest need. hardship is needful evil to succeed in life. In order to harvest happiness you have live dangerously. Anybody needs to happy according to Nietzche should never drink alcohol. happiness does not come from escaping but from cultivating them.

that which does not kill me makes me stronger. Extreme pain is vital component to reaching the kind of happiness you have in mind. not every bad is bad not every good is good.

 We move on to apply to our real term:

Philosophy in practise: “few days back i had talk with a collegue” So there was an discussion : in Programming world. Already we have dinning Philosopher problem..but now computer science has reached a maturity level that it can utilize philosophy. Is already in use like hackers ideas of Utopianism,:

Application #1:–> .Information Technology research about Utopianism in hacking:

Here is one practicle application:

Application #2:–>. I had discussion with colleague: Let say we are running a project which has from C++, and JNI to interfacing it to Java ,further java exposes it to web, data it takes from peoplesoft application to there are integration tools like peoplesoft integration borker and TIBCO in between. HR data we retrieve is it mixed with Financial data from Oracle Apps, and marketing data from SAP SD. to presented in portal where we are utilizing AJAX tools like Abobe flex.

What kind of thinking required for it: 1 . like vivekanand says: do not be the frog of well so jump into multiple wells. so you can know difference between different wells or worlds ..So you can compare and very good approach to start finding candidate who has done such work. what should be approach and experience of desirable candidate can be easily derived from it.

Application 3:

Brilliant talk by Daniel Kahnemanan a psychologist and Economics Nobel laureate, about how the peculiar structure of our memory biases how we think of happiness.

Reading through his biography it is fascinating that even though he is a psychologist he got a Nobel prize in Economics, for inventing behavioral economics.

1.Reluctant to MEAN complexity of well being.

2. Confusion of between experience and memory.

3. Focusing illusion: Experiencing self and remembering self which keeps score.

Distinction between happiness of experiencing self and satisfaction of remembering sense.

Memory Vs happiness
According to Kahenmann, the Remembring memory is more important then Expericeing memory..So its application:
in customer care. a customer has long experience of very bad memory for about year he continued suffer but last 1 year his recent he has good experience means he will think his whole experience as coompred to when he is using a service of operator for a month and his experience was bad and then he stopped the service.
Same way farmer experience of agriculture should be made like that.

Daniel Gilbert talks about human cognitive bias when evaluating options. Our minds are tuned to differences, we are really bad at evaluating the absolute value of things. That is why a menu always has a very expensive bottle of wine at the top, so the one below it looks reasonable in comparison… Unfortunately classical economics does not take this into account at all – it is just at odds with basic human nature!

I like that he highlights how mass-media makes us even more foolish by constantly focusing and highlighting the rare but spectacular events. Fact of the matter is we are all much more likely to die in a car-crash or drown in a swimming pool then to die in a plane crash or a terrorist accident (for Europeans & N.Americans in any case). Yet we do not fear cars and swimming pools anywhere near as much…plato what space is to size time is to value

To end here :Thoughts From Confucius:

who just like indian scriptures called on the idividual as world citizen. Same as vedas also tell we are world citizen..whe have to see welfare of not city , not state , not country but world.

The nobler sort of man emphasizes the good qualities in others, and does not accentuate the bad. The inferior does the reverse…. The nobler sort of man pays special attention to nine points. He is anxious to see clearly, to hear distinctly, to be kindly in his looks, respectful in his demeanor, conscientious in his speech, earnest in his affairs. When in doubt, he is careful to inquire; when in anger, he thinks of the consequences; when offered an opportunity for gain, he thinks only of his duty.
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